WIP: Fractal Environment (Animation)

Newest Update:

super short WIP video render

I won’t say ANYTHING about why I’m making this until I have more stuff to present, but I would love to get some constructive criticism! :slight_smile:

To be added:

More/better smoke sims
Improved color grading
Better grass animation
Improve lighting
Vertex color touch-ups
More animation
2560x1080 render

I guess I’ll keep updating with new 3 second update videos since I already have the heavy part rendered.

I fixed up compositing of the smoke in the background and generally tweaked the overall smoke simulation renders blending in to the scene.
I also added some particles flying towards the camera, needs work :slight_smile:

Watch in 720p with 0.25 playback speed if you think it’s too short :slight_smile:

Its like you are working on my project :smiley: I am working on an animation in 2560*1080 with fractal/macro/microscopy environments. Also small Shots.
I really like your environment so far. Did you model everything by hand? Has a really natural and realistic feel to it.

Keep up the nice work!

Somewhat finished compositing, things will be improved before final render some time in the future

3sec video

Video of all After Effects layers

The geometry is mostly generated from mandelbulb3D fractals and converted using 5 different softwares to be able to use in blender :slight_smile: A lot of back and forth to make it look like this :slight_smile:

Wow! My only criticism is that it’s too short. More! More!

Steve S

Wow, I agree, this is very cool looking! It is hard to give a lot of constructive criticism on such a short animation, however I will say it looks very good. The grass and particle animations add a lot, as do the smoke sims. I’d be very interested to hear your workflow on getting the geometry from Mandelbrot3D into Blender! The color grading also looks good, it feels like it transforms it from a relatively bright and happy alien terrain into a scarier, deadly one.

I’m looking forward to seeing what else you’re working on!

Thanks, I was expecting constructive criticism as if it was a still image, what objects I have in the scene, composition, colors etc, the video just shows what I am trying to accomplish in the scene :slight_smile:
if I was to make a tutorial on how to make something similar, it would have to be very in-depth, since there are many steps to it, and they would all have to be explained:/
but thanks! I will update it soon with some more stuff,

I agree, the shot is to sort, you need to watch it several times to see whats equally pictured there. The camera also moved to fast in my opinion.

constructive critiscism? It´s hard, because as we said you did a really good job. :smiley:

Compositing is nice for that shot, maybe the right border is a bit close to the geometry.
What may help would be some glossy materials to break the sort of “dullness” of all materials and maybe even some color contrast or a bit more saturated colors.

That would be my 2 cents :wink:

Are you Dead?

Just need a 5 minute reel, :slight_smile: more movement ? …It is beautiful.

@Karim Eich, no, I am not dead, sorry I have not been checking this thread until now, still working hard on this whatever project I am doing, but while working on some animation I realized that animating is something I really need to practice, so I have been messing around in Blender as well as Source Film Maker (to make sure I don’t happen to fiddle too much with the rig, and focus more on animating).
Since I started this thread I have begun making another fractal-based environment, I have modeled, textured and rigged a character, made several assets, several blender particle and physics FX, After Effects compositions/FX, painted skyboxes and even started compositing some tunes in FL Studio.
Work, work, work… :spin: