WIP Fruits


full version http://www.textury.ic.cz/zatisi.png

I will better lay down grapes.

please c&c

Cherries should be “colder” shade of red. Reference: http://www.wildcanada.ca/Plants/VinesShrubsTrees/Plants/chokecherry.html

Grapes should let a bit light through. Not much, just a bit. References: http://www.mccullagh.org/photo/1ds2-4/grape and http://www.photospin.com/search/?page=single&id=12673.

I think that apples could have more bumps and scratches on them. “Perfect” ones are rare.

The reflection of wine in the top of the glass is weird.

Soft lighting might fit the scene.

The background is a bit dull. Perhaps a few differently coloured cloths or something like that would fit better.

-new color for cherries
-soft specular for apples
-new position of grapes
-softer shadow
-reclection map for glass


i like the apples a lot, the cherries are cool
but the grapes do look a bit odd.
i think they should be a bit darker and more shiney.

like these?

it looks good.

-new angle of camera
-new material for grapes


I really like the texture for the apples, looks good. A couple of crits though…
First there is an apple clipping inside another one. Makes it look strange.
Second I agree about the grapes, they look like wax or plastic fruit. Grapes aren’t that shiny either. They should also relax a bit with gravity acting on them.
Finally the spiderweb is a little too symetrical. It is a nice touch but it will take more than a spiderweb to make the area look neglected. If a spider has had time to make a web, there would be enough time to see a slight layer of dust as well.

Keep it up!

personaly i think the grapes need a soft, light specularity. and a white half tansperent cloud texture would help with the repitiveness of the grapes. i think the glass has too much speculairty on it, but the hardness is spot on. some kinks in the bowl would add to the effect a great deal (for me atleast). it seems that the apples on the left are going through eachother, and it looks wierd. the grapes should be more purple too. Great render though!

net is now much transparence, but is still symetric :-?

I dirted material of grapes. it’s better. :slight_smile:
glass is for me good

Not bad not bad at all i would say two things though that are letting it down in my eyes are that the grapes are to stiff if you look at proper grpaes on a side they are more relaxed they roll over eachother rather than stood on end also the amount of grapes touching the table cannot support the weight of all the others. so make them look more lose will add more realism to them also the third cherry in from the left what is that doing looks like its in mid air to me . if its next to the bowl then it needs a more defined shadow either onto the bowl or on the floor or is it hanging over f it is the stork needs to be thicker when the two cherries join as i have to really try hard to see this… other than these two things i am liking it lovely texturing on the apples and nice lighting oin the scene can fault anything else at the moment

hope this helps


Getting better! I really like what you did with the grape material. I agree with reaperx, the grapes need to relax more onto themselves. The hanging cherry might look better if the stem was somehow more visible so it is more obvious as to why it is hanging there.

Have you tried treating the grapes as soft bodies, or slightly soft bodies? Never used the function myself but some examples I’ve seen of it it might do the trick, the new flater texture on them looks great!! As for the rest, I really like it all, though I actually liked the color of the cherrys on the first image better then the later colors. Personal preference I guess =)

thanks for all :slight_smile:

third cherries from left I will deleted it. I tested new pose for grapes.

stem is for me o.k. thanks for verdict

I can’t use softbody very well. I more likely modeling by hand.

-new pose for grapes
-I will work on a model glass.
-I will work on some deform of apple.
-I will delete a net. For many people is terrible.


-new version of model glass
-some deform on two apples
-net is deleted
-third cherries from left is deleted

I now waiting for version with global ilumination (fake radiosity).

yeh thats better grapes look more relaxed look like they are on their side if not you can get away with them like that :wink: good work


ReaperX: Thanks very much for tips. :slight_smile:

Final version is here https://blenderartists.org/forum/viewtopic.php?p=480315#480315

new version a picture http://www.textury.ic.cz/zatisifinal6.jpg
which is better?

I will make a shadow of bottle of wine.(in postprocess).