WIP-GIG type thing

here is something ive just started and need some crits on it


Asuming the place where the crowd will be situated is below the current model, around the control-platform, the placement of speakers is quite odd. The artists will have their minds blown out of their heads before they get through the first song even :stuck_out_tongue:

Apart from that it’s not even halfbad. Good job!

ha, not really…i’ve seen so many concerts set up like this…most times artists will wear protective ear plugs anyways.

anyways, about the model…if your planning on one of those stages where the singer walks the board walk…i would cosider lowering it…because with the current size the stage is (A) so big the croud won’t be able to see past the catwalk, or (B) really super small.

No seriously.
A sound setup such as this will be deafening for everyone in front, the musicians, roadies, VIP’s,… and the people in the back won’t hear a thing.
This hasn’t been done since Woodstock :]

10 years ago when I went to a festival you had huge setups next to the stage going from 2m. above the audience to the top of the stage.
This was still a problem for everybody standing next to the stage but at least you could hear smt in the back.
Nowadays the setup is only 1/4 of what it used to be.
A few boxes hanging 8m. above the crowd on both sides of the stage and slightly cornered down so that it has a wide range.
Several smaller setups here and there with a small latency (so that it doesn’t go be-boom be-boom) to enhance the sound.
Very state of the art really.

If I saw a gig like this I’d turn round and demand my €€€’s back from ClearfuckinChannel.


hmm suppose i didnt think of all that well ive done revised setup, maybe this setup will be easier on the bands ears :stuck_out_tongue:


This is how its done at Hultsfred Festival in sweden :slight_smile:

I think you have done a great jobb :slight_smile:
i thought it was some kind of dock or quay or what its called when i first looked at it :smiley:

But what happens if it rains?
there will be huge Masses of water on the roof.

thnx for the info and comments every one :slight_smile:

metsean: good point, i might make a big dome instead :smiley:

anyway here is another update i doubt that this would be possible in reallity for a structure like this to with stand all that force from the speakers. but anyway here it is


Gotta say it looks extremely well done ! (I’d wanna hear the sound all those speakers spit out :stuck_out_tongue: )

maybe for more realistic look you could add some support gurders…and maybe even get rid of the middle section of them and put some space in the middle of the speakers…to make it more interesting looking

i’ll start of by letting yoou know it all looks great so far, and i’m impressed by the high level of detail. personally i have no concert experience that would benefit the technical side of things, but from a modeling point of view, i suggest putting more vertices into that cylnder junction of the griders. and maybe add some railings for you musicians walkway, so excentric fans can’t climb up or pull down your rockstars. the roof pattern looks a little too repetitive but that might just be me. overall looking good keep us updated

thnx for the crits and comments, soo many ideads :stuck_out_tongue: lol

anyway its really late and ive just got time for more update, expect loads more work to be done tommorow, also check out my concept guitar im doing aswell :smiley: i think im also gona do a drum kick and maybe model some rockstars or something like that and make an animation :stuck_out_tongue:

p.s. anyone here know how to or are currently learnign to play the guitar? could you point me to some tutorial videos on the net and that are free, please

joe satriani is the best guitar player :P, his version of beethvoens 5th is spot on :open_mouth: