Wip head

Modeled this without any refrence just free flow
Took around 3 hours to get this far


It certainly is frightening. It reminds me of the aliens from Fire in the Sky. Creepy movie…

Fixed the ugly loop


sHUT UP Desoto !!! :x :x :wink: :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Some of the pictures are not coming through, but from the ones that are, I’d say you need to make the bridge onf the nose rounder, and the surronding area fuller. Also, it looks like you are going to have trouble when you get to the forehead, because the loop is too sharp and it needs to be smoother there where it runs into the forehead. I would join those two halves before you continue, and do any changes to the geometry, because the more you add onto it, the harder it will be to keep it straight.

Looks like micheal jackson right now. make that nose fuller.

No i think it look like bruce lee lol :stuck_out_tongue:

5078 vert 5098 face before subsurf

Not bad, but I think you can make it better without too much pain using three steps:
1- get reference (Its not that hard to find :slight_smile: ) and fix the proportions- don’t worry about how right the detailed shapes look, just general proportion, eg. eyes one width apart roughly, half an eye width in front view to the outside of each eye, eye veritcally centered in head, cut up face and forehead into thirds and align features roughly, inner eye verically alignes with fatest part of nose, middle eye verticallly aligns with mouth, etc. You can do all or most of this without changing the flow of the mesh, just moving points around.
2- smooth out on the model any weird bumps that aren’t there on a human face; it’ll look better smooth than if it has the wrong detail.
3- fix the basic shapes now you have the proportions right. shape of the mouth, nostril, eyes nose cheek etc. As it shapes up, you may find yourself adding/removing edges and readjusting your loops.
Number one rule: use reference. Even when you “don’t need to” as you start to remember all the anatomical details on your own. It isn’t cheating in any way, most great artists painted from life, even some abstract or stylistic/primitavistic ones did.

Looking good,…I think the eyes are a litttle too far apart though.

The eyes are definitely too far apart. Generally a person’s eyes are centered over the corners of their mouth, or are even close than that. The cheek bones are also too large, which gives the lower part of the face a strange full appearance that the upper part doesn’t match. Keep it up. Sorry if I offended you earlier I didn’t know what kind of look you were going for.

Well, if he’s human hes probably in the beginning phase of mummification.

Move his eyes closer, at a thumb rule it could be said, that avaraege distance of eyes is aproximently one lenght of eye.

No your not, i was joking you know :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks guys for the comment. I will move the eyes more closer together and make it a bit biger.


It looks like it’s shaping up. I would maybe pull back the bridge of the nose a bit around where it meets the brow.


Its a lot better proportion-wise now. I think though, from the perspective of keeping your sanity, you should lesten the amount of edges vertically in the nose, and “loop” some of them off in the forehead area; what you have now is giving you a lot of vertices that aren’t defining a useful shape, and are just more to edit. By looping off I mean something that looks like this:


Yeah, you’re right!!! :smiley:

Thanks for that, i will edit it :

I had enlarge the nose btw:


It looks great. Are you going to give it hair or a body?