[WIP] Interactive Cloth Tool

I’ve been working on an interactive cloth tool for 2.8, & finally have something I can show you guys.
There are a lot of features I’d like to include, such as having a scroll-able library of different ‘brush’ types. It is still in alpha stage, plus I have one more add-on(massfx) to prepare for 2.8, so please be patient!

I’ve always wanted a way to ‘paint’ & detail cloth so you can model natural wrinkles & folds when designing Clothing.

Here is a preview(cursor is hidden, sorry!):

I am also looking for feature requests before release & would like to know your thoughts on this!


Wind mode


Fold mode/brush


Very nice idea, but results are very artificinal and stochastic. It looks like a little bit chaotic noise effects. I suppose that next versions will be better and better. For me at this moment the bes results You showed with Fold Brush on flat mesh. Look’s very promising. Good job.

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Looks very promising!

Seems a bit hard to control consciously though. Any way of just pulling it into one direction instead of pinching it from all directions?


Thanks! It is still in early stage, so there will be improvements along the way. This is just the detailing/sculpting mode part of the package. I will eventually include an Apparel design mode where many features from Marvelous Designer will be included.


looking forward to trying it out, definitely looks like something that could come in handy.

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I think there’s a very big effort involved. Such a functionality in Blender would of course be ingenious! I will follow your project closely.
Good luck and thanks for your hard work!

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Instant cloth detailing/modeling

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Awesome stuff, really looking forward to seeing where this goes!

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Hm…It still looks artificial and chaotic. 0% control over mesh changes. Actually it’s light years from C4D solution (showed up above in youtube links, 3 posts above). And it looks so slow, slow, slow…
Whole idea is just great and very useful but usage has some lacks (still chaotic effect, no control over details, looks more like local noise - not a cloth foldings).