WIP: Living Mechanics - Beetle Textures

(MoreK) #1

All your comments are welcome!

Green Rust:

Brown Rust:


(kaktuswasse) #2

i like the green rust version most. But I have
a question: how did you make the brown rust?

(0ptikz) #3

Glassy is the best IMHO.

The other ones make the beetle look very flat and 2 dimensional, which isn’t a good thing :smiley:

(stukkm) #4

shh! [email protected] i’m trying to sabotage him! :wink:
nah just kidding. seriously though i think the green rust looks better. the glassy one just seems wierd, especially with the brown legs.

but really, you did a great job MoreK. and i hate you for that! :stuck_out_tongue:

(Waffler) #5

I like how you could see a sort-of inner skelliton in the glassy one, but the legs might look better a difforent color – blue-grey maybe?

(MoreK) #6

Thanks for your comments! And keep them coming!

a question: how did you make the brown rust?

Well, that was pretty easy:

  1. Created an image texture and loaded an image of rust
  2. Craated second texture type “Stucci”. Selected “Hard Noice” and reduced noice size to somewhere 0.050 or similar (you may need to tune it)
  3. In a material screen removed “Col” and selected “Nor” in right buttons. This made the new material act as a bump map --> nice coarse surface. Again you may tune the bump map with “Nor” slider at bottom right in material screen

In the green rust -version I also have bump map, but it was created from the original rust image --> converted it to grayscale picture and added some contrast. Then used it as a second texture with “Nor” same way as in brown rust version.

(MoreK) #7

:smiley: You’ve got a great dragon there too, you got all chances to win. I have already gave up thinking that I could win the contest, you guys are too good! I just do my best and be proud to be in such a talented company.

(blengine) #8

its looking good, i like the glass the best cause i love seeing inside =D it need some shine though, looks like plastic a lil
ooo i dunno, i love the green rust too
yes, i choose green =D

(harkyman) #9

Go for the glass. Give it a subtle refl map.