WIP Make a Splash: Oviraptor Splash Screen

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Happy with how this model turned out, now it’s time to turn it to a use! I edited the adult model into a baby form and changed the feathers to fluff, and posed them around similar to Joanna’s Sinosauropteryx splash screen. Whereas her scene appears to be a dino killing smaller dinos, mine is all about raising chicks.

Next I need to make a unique coloration for the babies and figure out the scene.

Moved this picture in to preserve the one that started the thread.


First test render came out ok, got some tweaking and environment work to do. Using a custom ice shader and my own leaf ground texture. Which is your favorite bobble-headed baby?


The hungry one on the left!

Numnumnum, crop milk

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I just remembered that when I made this texture, I made a material overview for it. This is what I’m using for my ground texture, both because I’m partial to it as my favorite tileable texture but also because I like the colors it brings to the scene.

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Toned down the subsurface scattering on the mother Oviraptor, will probably do the same with the kids, as much as I love it. Will probably invest in a higher quality leaf texture and adjust their position, also adding more blurry floating leaves in front of the camera. Might adjust the focus a bit to include the chick under the mama. This is just a low quality render with denoising applied and some minor composition to confirm that the background is close to how I want it, but for the final version I have a volume scatter cube at the ready and will probably let it render a few hundred passes at least.


All my rocks, leaves, and weeds have randomized coloration now. Also made all the changes I mentioned in my last post. Think I should add leaves hanging from the trees in the background.


One last test render incoming…

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Closeup of the ground

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I am considering seeing if I can match Joanna’s lighting better in her splash scene, but otherwise I’m liking the majority of this so far. Again, this is a low quality render to see how it looks at this point.


Felt like I was overengineering it trying to replicate it purely based on Joanna’s final render, so I opened up her file and noticed a things she did differently. Back in my project, I changed the focal length, camera position, HDRI and adjusted the environment accordingly. Might be time for the final render soon.


Final render of this version, but the next step is to optimize it for sketchfab.


I’ve uploaded an edited down version of the scene to Sketchfab! I’d love feedback. I like the layout of the diorama, but I did feel the need to decrease the amount of feathers in the scene for performance’s sake. It was important to me to maintain the blurred/out of focus background from the Sinosauropteryx scene, but I hope it isn’t too performance intensive for most people. Happy to say the entire scene is under 200k triangles.


Did u made those dinosaurs from scratch? It looks awesome! I wanna make a scene based on the same splash screen

Sure did, I’ve been teaching myself how for several years (although I had help from paleontologists and paleoartists when I started.) I sculpted them in zbrush and retopolized them in Blender. When you pick the dinosaur you’re basing it off of, I suggest finding a black and white skeletal from someone like Scott Hartman as a reference. Then remember if you’re making it scientifically feasible, the dino’s palms should face each other, not the ground, and when the mouth closes it should form a lip seal. Good luck :slight_smile:

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Just saw this on Sketchfab and it’s looking beautiful! The deadline is Thursday, September 15, you thinking about any changes in the final stretch?

Thanks so much! Glad you like how it turned out :smiley: I have some nitpicks I’d like to tweak, but we’ll see if I have time. There were a few settings I had to turn off, like depth of field and transparency on some objects, which made it look better visually but tanked the performance.

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