WIP: Marvel-style superhero

(locash) #1

I have been playing around with Blender for a couple of weeks now and I am really loving it. This is my first attempt at actually accomplishing something. This obviously needs a lot of work, particularly in the notably lacking hands/feet/head area, but would anybody care to critique?


(Krabat) #2

looks great, the proportions are VERY nice and it is anatomically quite correct. bow
but (hehe, i love this part :wink: ) i believe to see a strange gap between the breasts and the knees seem to be a little bit to low. and you should maybe rework the… what’s it in englisch…schoulder-plates (?). These flat bones on the upper part of your back to which the armbones connect.
i’m really looking forward to seeing more of her. good work!


(sten) #3

veryh nice work…how much 3D work have you been doing before this?

and in what tools then?

I am also curious about what modeling tool you used in Blender;
SubSurf or NURBS ?

Very good work !!

(BgDM) #4

Nice start. Looking great. I would maybe suggest changing the breasts though. Just placing spheres there doesn’t quite look right IMO. Make them look more like breasts, you know what I mean?

Anyway, coming along nicely. Maybe your gal could battle my guy, once we are both done? -> http://mysite.iptic.com/bgdm/page8.html


(locash) #5

Thanks, I appreciate all your comments!

Krabat: The torso is actually in 4 pieces, 2 for the front, 2 for the back. The gap between the breasts is really there. When I get a little further along, I will spend sometime welding the torso together and I will close that hole.

I never really noticed that about her knees until you pointed it out. Once she has feet, I will see what I can do about the overall proportions of the legs.

I agree completely about the shoulder blades, they need work.

ztonzy: I am an architect so all of my modelling to this point has been confined to architectural modelers; Revit, ADT, 3DViz, FormZ. I have also used 3DMAX and Rhino in the past, but I have never tried anything like this model.

I am embarased to say this, but until yesterday I didn’t really know what SubSurf really did. I have experimented a little with NURBS but I am not ready to try something like this. She was created entirely be vertex editing, and using Set Smooth.

BgDM: I’ll admit the breasts are a little globular. It is my homage to the X-Men (Psylocke, Rogue, Storm) of the Jim Lee era (early 90s).

I am going to hold off on accepting your challenge until I get a little more experience. My most complex animation to date is a bouncing ball.

(S68) #6

Really nice,

can’t wait toi see her finished :slight_smile:


(locash) #7

She now has feet. I am not sure that I think the knees are too high anymore. Anyone want to comment on that?


(BgDM) #8

Looking very nice. The knees seem to be OK to me. Starting to look more like a barbie doll than a superhero though.


(blengine) #9

wow, how on earth could i be the first to say it?? please render with OSA on =D its in the render window… itll smooth out dem lines and make it soo pretty
ok, now for the model… wow its great! but please oh please give her a dang waist! ewwww…it was absolutely grossout when i looked in front view…with boobs that huge she’ll crackin half under the pressure! how about some smaller more shaped boobs, and a wider waist eh? she is looking like barbie as bgdm said… the muscle tone u gave her so far is amazing… the model is looking great except the things i mentioned

(locash) #10

She now has hands. I am pretty satisfied with them, although where the thumb meets the palm could use a little work.

I gave her a temporary head. The lack of a head was starting to creep me out. Although I am not sure this temp head is any better. I will get to work on the real one ASAP.

Ah-ha OSA! You learn something new everyday.

imgranpaboy: Do you think the waist looks too narrow in the 3d view. My concern is if I thicken it for the front, it will look to thick in 3d. Whatever the finished product ends up being, it is unlikely that she will be viewed in a pure front view.


(digitalSlav) #11

bring the feel under your model - i think she needs a v8 cause there’s no way she could stand like that… also i though the boobs looked fine in the earlier pics (as a marvel girl that is) but with the rest developed they do look a bit much even for marvel. great start

(GemaRastem) #12

It looks really good but I think the waist/belly does need to be widened a little, she looks like she is anorexic and all the food that she does eat goes straight to her boobs. I also think she needs more defined knees, but she is still a really great model and better than anything I could do.[/quote][/b]

(Waffler) #13

It look good, and I’m sure it’ll be amazing after you tweak the verts when you aproatch completion. To me the breasts seem a tad too close together. Also her rib-cadge area maybe should be widened a little - which might help separate the breasts a little. The legs are great. Slick work.

(S68) #14

Getting better and better :slight_smile: Hands still need a lot of work to match the quality of the body


(locash) #15

I started to work on the face today. This is my first work with SubSurf, and I regret not trying it sooner. Don’t be too harsh, I am just getting started.


If you have already offered your opinion on earlier posts, please don’t think I am ignoring your advice. I am trying to get all the major pieces in place before I start tweaking.

(S68) #16

Whomever offered his/her opinion on earlier post cannot expect that you are going to follow his/her advice because it is your model and must be your creation which suits you aesthetically…

so takes criticisms critically :stuck_out_tongue:


(locash) #17

At this point, I think I am going to start welding the pieces together and tweaking the model.