WIP - Model For Phoenix Animation Project

I’ll post more as I go along. But for starters here is the head of phoenix as it stands at the moment:

If you click the image it will go to my site’s gallery where you can see the progress I took creating the model. Please be kind as this is my first blender model. Its modeled all with edge loops so I can add more details as I go. But this is the final base.
image removed

Thanks for looking. Comments and Critique are welcome.

And a screenshot in blender.

image removed

So far, it’s very good. You clearly have gotten the hang of using edge loops to define the shape of the object; the low number of verts/polys in the wireframe shows that you have been able to economize the amount of geometric detail you need to define the shape (and putting the geometry in the right place, such as the extra details near the holes in the bird’s beak and head).

It will be interesting to see this textured, the eye put in, etc.

When I saw the title of the thread the first thing I thougt of is the Japanese animated movie Phoenix 2772 (see this page for some info and a cool clip). Have you heard of it by any chance?