WIP Music video - mixing 2D and 3D styles

Hello everyone !

Since Eevee came out I have been experimenting with it because it was (at last) a way for me to get into animation, since I couldn’t realistically render any ambitious project with cycles, and I have decided for the last few months to use it as a way to create a music video for my band. The project is far from finished, but I think I have enough renders to show something and get feedback, as well as (maybe) answer questions as to how Eevee holds in these various settings.

The music is obviously not the final one (Pink Floyd if anyone’s wondering), just here for the atmosphere. Since it is by far my most ambitious project, I decided to use softwares outside of blender that I knew would be faster for me : substance painter for texturing the most important props and the character, Marvelous Designer for the clothes, and After Effects for compositing.
Everything else (sculpting, modelling, texturing and rendering) is Blender, in which I also used the Graswald and Flip Fluids add-ons, both of which can give surprisingly good results in Eevee.

Some of these shots I consider finished, some will need a bit more work.

Anyways, Thanks for reading, if you have any feedback/question, feel free to say it :slight_smile:



Thumbs up!! (dig the Floyd, too!)
If you can do that much, then dive in and please do more. You’re obviously just scratching the surface of your potential.
Thanks for sharing (and inspiring)!

It’s very beautiful Johnny! May I ask, do you work as a professional artist? I’m wondering, what skills does it require to produce such amazing video :slight_smile: And how many years of learning.

Thanks a lot to both of you, it’s really nice :slight_smile:
I am not professionnal (although I’m starting to contemplate the idea), I’m a History of Art student and former cinematography student, both of which helped me deeply, not for the technical aspects of 3D, but everything else when it comes to creating a shot.
I’ve opened Blender for the first time at least ten years ago, but I’ve been using it on and off since then (mostly off), so I think you could get my experience in a 2-4 years of focused practising. The main thing really is about getting a few principles right, and then managing to use them in different situations. For example, this project is a first for me in many ways (it’s the first time I’ve used a texturing software (Substance Painter), the first time I’ve used a cloth software (Marvelous Designer), as well as the first time I’ve used premade assets (because I couldn’t realistically create all the models, although I try to make anything particularly relevant myself) namely the kitbash packs), but I managed to make sense of it all because I knew where I was going.

Here are a couple new sets I’ve been working on.

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Thank you for the detailed summary Johnny! Now I understand better what it takes to make beautiful scenes. I’m a software developer, so no art background whatsoever and also started playing with Blender a couple of years ago, together with Unity, but the lack of art skills makes it difficult. Perhaps I shall consider enrolling into an art school course or do some training in that direction.

Anyway, I like what you do - take it for what it’s worth from a non-professional. It looks beautiful and I think you have a lot of potential. Would really love to see your progress in a couple of years :slight_smile:

And thanks again for sharing your background! It is really helpful to know who is the person behind a beautiful image!

That Eevee city is bad ass.

Here are a couple more shots ! Eevee is proving quite tough to handle (especially in animation), but I’m trying my best, hopefully I’ll have something interesting in the end.

beautyfull artwork!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hello everyone,

It’s been a while, I’m now working on adding a 2D hand-drawn effect over the 3D, it’s quite tedious, but I like the “rough” vibe I get. Any thoughts ?