WIP my first game

Hi Everyone, this is my first game.
It’s just another wipeout clone i know, but i think it’s a good start to make practice.
I’ve got few problems to solve so i need advices.
For example the ship handling: using rotation to turn feels really unnatural, but the torque has the inertia side effect, so the ship keep on turning even if you release the button.
Another problem is the method i use to keep the ship attached to the track: i applied a local force on the -Zaxis of the ship while the Zaxis is alwais parrallel to the track’s normals, the problem is the in certain sections of the track the ship seems to trembles because it turn really fast to stay parallele to the track’s surface.
I’ve also got problem with the speed indicator, i think you’ll notice.
Anyway, the controls are: arrows tho turn, brake, and accelerate, left shift for sharp turn, specebar to boost(useful to get out of the curves).


ps: I have to use pasteall because the site gives me an error when i try to upload the file(maybe 3.5 Mb is too big).

This is very good, especially as a first game! Reminds me a lot of F-Zero.

Screenshot please