WIP - Narnia/Winter Scene

Something I have been wanting to do for a while so I’m giving it a go.
Here is where I am so far… Ignore the upside down tree :stuck_out_tongue:

Still messing around with the idea of snow on trees and decided to go out and create a large tree… I think it looks okay in terms of the combination between the snow and the greenery(leaves), however it is quite far away from the camera.

I think you’re on the right track, because I thought “Narnia!” when I saw the thumbnail, before reading the subject line.

That’s good then :smiley: Attempting to get the lighting right as well as the snow texture… anybody any ideas…


The full scene so far you can see the current lighting better

Got bored of making trees… Had a go at creating some grass, any thoughts?

The blades of grass look a little to sharp at the tips, maybe try rounding them out a bit. but Overall its looking really good.

A small update, with some what i think is improved lighting and added some more trees etc… Thoughts?