WIP of "kon" from Bleach

I recently work a new noob project for my reel, behold “kon”, and I’ve found out that it’s more awesome working during night than afternoon. Is it allowed or legal to make a demoreel using unlicensed or at least trial version software e.g Maya, Zbrush, AE, Nuke?. Will the employer will sent me to Jail rather than Hiring me? I’m just kind of confused…and I don’t ever encounter an Interview for a visual artist before. Please share your experience, I know that its not only me that would ask this questions. BTW I’ve noticed in the industry that no mater how good you are in arts, the employer will ignore you if you don’t have a degree curse finished…is it fact or a myth? Thanks in Advance… :smiley:


I am not a fan of Kon in general but I really like your model.

Thanks for that :smiley:

Finally done the fist version, I need ideas and thoughts of others for more improvements :).

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