WIP plexiglass panel topology problems

Hi all,

this has been a continuing problem in Blender for me- I’m working on a wavy plexiglas panel, and making it somewhat seamless, I copied vertices from the left to the right. The right now has something weird going on, I have no idea why it’s doing this. I’ve seen this often but can never figure out what it’s doing.
Does anyone have an idea?

Check Face Orientation, double vertexes

I did, nothing out of the ordinary. I thought it might be UV wrapping but it’s just a bsdf shader…

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Wavy Panel.blend (1.1 MB)

you could try this, the shading seems to behave better.

Hope that helps.
sinwave.zip (109.4 KB)

Click this button

I knew there’d be a button somewhere- what exactly does it do?

That looks… complicated. Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll look at it if I can’t sort it out with the bsdf