WIP Quentin Tarantino

Yeah this my new work… In this work I wanna improve my skills to creating material, composition, well in generally visual part. And I dont know how I can improve skin material. First screenshots that my last update of skin material(I use ready skin material from: http://www.undoz.com/blog/2015/9/5/cycles-sss-skin-shader.html ), last two is skin material from PBR Materials addon(Link:http://www.3d-wolf.com/materials.html) Maybe someone can help me improve skin?

Well, I tried skin material from Lucas Falcao and looks interesting but more to cartoonish. And yeah I tried 8k resolution texture of normal map.

Well, I myself did skin materials, and I think thats better. But I think me need remake skin base color textures.

Good likeness, keep the updates coming!

Finished work on highpoly model of suit for Quentin. Now start work on the retopology. And after will be work on shoes and… gun(revolver) or I think to make gun-camera.

Great work, nice likeness !

It’s coming along well, Rayte. Seriously looks like Tarantino.

nice!!! I like the suit so much

Great work!
Excellent resemblance.
I believe that the chin may be
too protruding giving it
a little cartoon look

@Waaf;@MLDKF;@threedslider;@ToshiCG Thanks!

Thats last render, updated skin material and I still cannot escape from uncanny valley. I dont know how me make him more realistic…

Not sure what happened but it in my opinion he looked better in previous renders. It might be the light or the shader. The skin seems to have lost all specularity, which makes the model look flat.

Regarding the “uncanny valley”, even Hollywood with their crazy artists and multi-million budgets hasn’t quite climbed out of it. Just try to improve one thing at a time.
Right now some obvious ones are
-the spec in the shader I mentioned above
-the fine detail (skin pores) seem noisy and rough (tweaking specularity and SSS might fix that)
-the wrinkles on his forehead seem inverted (?)
-eye brows and hair

Keep up the good work.

Now better, yeah normal map was inverted, and I understand how to make skin texture yeah.

But I think need fix veins more light. And a question, how update preview of a theme?

much better. I think you need to remove veins from his eyebrows

Finished work on retopology of suit. Added brows, leashes. Little bit changed skin material Thanks regis3d and ToshiCG for some advice! And now need make hair, shoes and hands, after making a camera. And I return to question, how me change preview pictures of thread?

Change the first picture in the first post.


Added Camera! Now need more work on rig, for me work on the rig is nightmare, argh! And I dont like clothes… looks flat…