WIP redo on head on the human model project :(

I’m trying to fellow the jaw bone, but I am stuck on how I’m going to go about this, anyone care to help me out ?


The jawline is one of the most difficult facial structures to get right… You should create an edgeloop along it in side view, and then in front view shape it properly. Then you can fill in between there and the neck and hopefully have a good result.

You should really be following a tutorial man, figuring this stuff out on your own isn’t making you any better at modelling.

alright, I fellow the tutorial, where is please ?

Here’s the one everybody’s talking about.

Looks complex, any others ?

dude, you’re using far too many verts. start with subsurf, and less verts. then alt C it after you have the shape right and further refine it.

Traitor, it is set to subsurf, just don’t have on edit mode that’s all.

dude, that tutorial is fantastic, i think recommend it