WIP,test project-----------[new pic. post]1.14.2006

i do it for test blender 2.4
now finish girl modeling,hope have some anmation and uesing some adv. animation tools.


The feet are massive, but very nice modeling! Very clean looking.
Great job

Very nice and clean indeed, but she got her some feet :]

Realy nice! Maybe put some alpha to the hair?
I realy like the clean look, and it’s one of the better renderings here at elYsiun in a long time.

Yeah, the model looks good, but like it was said above, her feet are massive. Also her arms are a little long. A person shouldn’t be able to touch their knees without bending over. I am thinking that her arms should be almost one hand length shorter, and then make her foot size the length of her forearm. A person’s foot size is the length of their forearm.

Overall, nice work. When yer this close to good, you get crits to make it mo’ better. Can’t wait to see the animation.

Yup, liking the style of this piece for sure.

Nice, clean modelling by the looks of things, but those FEET. Ouch :o

First time I saw the feet I thought of Peter Pan’s shoes/socks. Similar style.

Keep going, and be sure to post some animated WIPs along the way :smiley:

I agree with the crits,but good character so far.
Love hair modeling.

Keep posting.





Um, Devil Girl?! [rant]How man times do we have to see 3D images of killing, destruction, and the devil this-or-that? Why not Redeemer Girl, or something else a bit more original? Sorry, I just hate seeing that which is evil being promoted in any way. Especially when it happens so flippantly.[/rant]

Really good model.
Glad you got rid of the boats, I mean feet.
The last render is maybe a bit too bright.
Turn down the AO intensity (In Yafray I think it’s GI?)
And she turned out a bit too pinky.
Nice to see such a good model.

this just a test project for me,so maybe have devil girl,angel girl or more versions. :stuck_out_tongue: i think it will not too dark,
in fact i hope she get more pretty,the idea form my wife,of course she have no gun,but she maybe will use knife if angryed.

thx all feedbak ,i made some fix.binded model is so slow in blender…
sorry my poor english.

LOL. She looks good. I think maybe the wings should attach higher, like on/near her shoulder blades. And where they join, the wing parts should be taller or thicker or something. They just look too vertically skinny. IMO she is a better angel than a badass. Good work.



:o Did you model that dragon too??

Very nice work! love the lighting.

That devil girl one was by far my fav.

I think this chick rocks hard. :smiley: