WIP Thumbnails Not Displaying Correctly

Hey there,

A couple of times now I have updated the thumbnail to my thread in the Works In Progress section, and shortly after it reverted to a blurry, low res, cropped version of the previous thumbnail. I noticed that at the same time this is also happening to some of the other thumbnails in the gallery, but not all of them.

I was able to reinstate my latest thumbnail by re-editing the first post (without actually changing anything), but the image remains low res and cropped. Is there some sort of site maintenance going on when this happens, or are some of the threads simply cursed…?

Thanks for any help!


I looked at this thread and the images seem ok. I suspect you’re seeing the ‘lazy loading’ placeholders - those should be replaced with the higher resolution ones when they scroll into view. I need a screenshot and information about your setup to understand better: which browser+OS do you use?

Hi Bart, thanks for the reply.

It’s not within the threads that it’s happening, it’s on the gallery page. The problem appears to have corrected itself for now, but next time it happens I’ll take a screenshot.

I’m using Edge on Windows 10 - perhaps I’ll check in Firefox or something as well next time, although I’m somewhat doubtful that the browser is to blame since it occurs some hours after the images were already displaying correctly.

Ah yes I did change a setting there this morning :+1:

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Ah ok - whatever you changed let’s hope it stays that way!



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This issue has cropped up again, it seems to always happen shortly after I update my thumbnail. I don’t know if that’s a coincidence or not, but it’s making me paranoid! :wink: Also it tends to make those of us that are affected appear too inept to upload a quality image…

The thumbnail in my thread reverted to an older one again, which I’ve fixed by editing the first post. I forgot to take a screenshot first, but here’s one of Edge after I made the edit. Note that some of the thumbs are high res, others not. Also some of the other thumbs have reverted - the elephant one, and the girl for example.

I checked in Firefox, and it appears to show the affected images scaled down rather than scaled down and upscaled again. It is still showing those incorrect thumbs as well.

Noticed it’s happened again today. Seems to be some kind of caching issue I’d guess.

Sorry about that, could you try again please?

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It’s now fixed. :slight_smile:

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And… it’s back. Weirdly enough mine’s reverted to a thumbnail from May, even though it’s been replaced several times since then.

I suppose this looks to be an on-going problem.