Wip Tommy Lee Jones Portrait

I keep posting wips but I’m gonna be finishing up every sculpt I have into a portrait this year, starting with this guy here.


An update,…


Looking really good!

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Progress… :slight_smile:


Hello, a bit of an update on Tommy Lee’s portrait project, now I need to improve the likeness further because I feel like it’s a bit lost and also add in some hair and clothes.

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Admittedly, it’s difficult for me to really see them without the hair and eyes, but this is pretty amazing - I can definitely tell it’s TLJ. It may be correct, but the nose is a bit more rounded/bigger than I remembered.
But that doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

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Hey thank you very much! I’m still working on him and have made some improvements and will share them in a bit! I have made some adjustments to the nose also!