WIP Train

A while ago I started modeling this train. So far, I’ve gone through about 5 different smoke simulations but I finally got it right. I’ve also started to add some grunge to the engine. The finished scene is going to be inside an old train station. Critiques are greatly appreciated!


I shall watch progress with interest!

Cheers, Clock.

I spent the majority of yesterday sculpting and painting these bricks. I’m finally satisfied with the result. Everything else in this render is subject to change which means it pretty much will lol but I’m starting to piece it together. I’m especially going to re-make the tracks cus they just look odd if you know what I mean.

Looks pretty good on the whole, but if you really want to know… :smiley:

What you’ve modelled is an old US style “Consolidation” 2-8-0. These had two smaller front wheels, as well as the four pairs of drivers. If you throw those extra two in front of the cylinders, which supporting bits to suit, the cowcatcher won’t so much look like it’s lost in space. Google one up and check it out.

T’other thing is Connies are freighters and usually got quite grotty.

Don’t worry about the smoke direction though. Just tell Clock there’s a strong wind blowing through the station. :wink:

hey thanks for your input! I really had no idea what train this was so now I have some good reference images to go off of. Also Clock does have a point there lol. I’m still deciding on whether or not I want it moving. I think I’m gonna try both eventually and I’ll post em and tell which one I pick. I really think the hardest part is going to be making it dirty. However, I am still looking forward to doing that.

Thanks again for your input!

Well if you don’t want to make it dirty, tell people it’s a new one straight out of the shop.

No I’m definitely making it look like it’s been used some. I don’t mind that it’s more challenging:)