(malefico) #1

well this pic I posted last night at blender.nl…


and the old version…


tell me what you think.



(S68) #2

Great stuff,

I was reading your post there when it happened :frowning:

Personally I find top branches too thick. leaves are great, but branches ends abruptly like if they were all cut…

Keep it up

(Stefano, who got lots of problems in decising how to disseminate his 10 vote tokens at CurtiS site :slight_smile: )

(paradox) #3

I couldn’t decide last night which tree I liked better. Like both one a little blurry and artistic one a little more distint and artistic. He he
Good to see both of you guys on here.


(malefico) #4

Hey guys ! great to see you again !

S68: yes, the top branches need some work, I was focusing on leaves but I have to work more on this.

paradox: some of my friends prefer the old and some other the newest, I don’t know what to do…

malefico (who also spent a lot of time distributing tokens…;))

(paradox) #5

well flip a coin to decide which to use. Or make a third one with features of both. Anyway you go I’m sure I will like what you do. You haven’t disappointed me yet.


(ScottishPig) #6

The new one looks sah-weet!

You should write a tutorial :wink:

(saluk) #7

I like the new one better. Amazing tree, and a tutorial would be interesting to see. I want to run over there and try to climb that thing!

(Nimrad) #8

I would go for the second one if the leafs look a little less like bats. Yes they do look like little green bats on branches at the same time it looks more realistic.

For the first it’s too blurry for my taste.


(malefico) #9

mmmmm, definately this is going to be tough, I guess I’ll change it completely and post a 3rd tree !



(stephen2002) #10

have you tried out the l-system script? It can make very good results with little effort.

Otherwise, it is pretty good but some of the leaves don’t seem to be attached to anything.

(malefico) #11

Yes there are leaves “floating”. that was reduced in the newer version but is still present.

I’m currently trying the l-system script, is very good but hard to get what I want. I’m very happy with it though.