WIP- USS Bonaventure

I am a (relatively) new Blender user. I was asked by one of the people in charge of the local Starfleet chapter to do one of their ships. Well, the first design I got was so complicated, I sat and stared at it til my eyes ached- couldn’t make head or tails of it. I then ended up with the ‘Original Series’ model to build. Took me a couple weeks (blasted fancy curved stern!), but I got the basics down. I have cheated horribly on the texturing- I cant UV unwrap to save my life goes and cries in shame under the desk. I am sure at some point, I’ll get it right, but… I only have so many years of my life left. :wink: (It’s more ME than the interface.)

Anyways, I have cheated massively on the texturing (grabbed faces and put color on them)- it looks like a giant spacegoing patchwork quilt without all the fancy lighting… I need to figure out how to make the various textures I want to put on it transparent to a certain extent, so the layers show thru, and not cover one another up. Anyways- here’s what I have so far, minus lettering, hull markings, ect. It’s been lightened up in Photoshop to show off the ‘hull textures’. Any and all suggestions, tutorials, and smacks across the head for not learning UV unwrapping like I should are appreciated. :o

If you are not going to do UV unwrap, you are in desperate need of the Blender Decal technique. This will allow you to place things like the ship name and fleet insignia.