WIP video: space action scene


and as they say, to cut to the chase:
download low res avi (divx)
720p HD: still rendering (Actually I am waiting for my core 2 duo to arrive. :D)

what you saw is just one of the shot i am doing, this is the largest project i’ve done so far, and I am hoping to make this BIG, and I mean really BIG. I am toying with the notion of making this an ‘open content’ project so that everybody will be able to add a little something to the scene.

The workflow is rather simple, i started with a basic setup and just keep adding detail to the scene. Planes are actually ‘piloted’ by me (in the game engine with IPO baking) and then rendered offline. The advantage is ( I think) more realism over IPO/PATH driven animation. when performance is an issue, i’ll start seperating the scene into ‘passes’, but right now, they are still manageable.

attached is a ‘promotional’ concept shot.


That was awesome, i can’t wait for the full version!
Excellent work!

Looks nice.

If this is a space scene, can we also see some proper space physics? There is (was?) a game called Terminus that showed this very, very nicely.



hmm, i don’t know, i feel cinematic quality is more important than physical correctness. but i can always justify any inaccuracy based on the fact that the scene takes place in close proximity to a planet.:cool:

IMO space physics look very cool (think Babylon 5). But sure, you should always do what you want to do :slight_smile: I was just thinking that it might add some extra - it’d look more exciting than what is done always, since it’ll look somehow different and still be good :slight_smile:


Youtube link

Thats nice flying there… Though I have some critique about the speedy camera moves, as they dont seem to follow any ships. Maybe put a “track to” constrain on the camera to follow the ship in focus?

Yeah, I would agree with Tef, maybe follow the ships a little more, jumping from one to another is nice but if you dont follow them enough it feels kind of like were missing a lot of the action.

just my little 2 cents