[WIP] Warrior UPDATED.

(Dani) #1

Started giving this guy some clothes.
I’ll keep his eyes entirely blue, it gives him a “Dune” look (whoever controls spice…)

hopefully this link will work :-?
Comments? yeah! comments :stuck_out_tongue:


i’m using a lot of different shading techniques and rendering time explosed!
Oh yeah, the guys hair (i should think of finding him a nam…) are made with RipSting’s grass generator. thanks to him!
But for the cape it’s supposed to be animated, so if someone knows someway of doing this easily, well i’d appreciate (going nuts with this combination of armatures and lattices!)

Wel anyway, enjoy and comment!


(Bapsis) #2

Thats looking really good, nice job!!! The body and arms looks great, the only thing is the hair (looks like those shiney halloween wigs), i know its a pain in the @$$ but keep working on it 'cause once it’s finished and looking proper you’ll be very pleased with yourself! :wink:


Blend on, and blend well!!!

(Dani) #3

Thanx for the comments

welll yeah! hair is horrible and that bunch of polys is killing my RAM!
Do you know a way of modelling hair, well realistic hair? maybe a lot of splines (and still a lot of RAM)! Or else I might do it in post prod (traditionnal animation)
WOOOhhaaaa. anyway, it’ll be very time-consuming

Long live life!

(Jolly Gnome) #4

nice… but you should nevertheless put iris to the eyes, now they look rather silly. And make them more blue too, they’re almost white now.

(valarking) #5

i agree with gnome, the eyes are too white to get that dune look going.

(Dani) #6

Hello and thanks for the feedback

Check this new version.


changed his haircut, and bought him some eyes at BlenderChar…
The hair is generated by RipSting’s HairGen.

Feel free to comment