WIP WC entry ninja mechs...

:o ok guys this is it 3 mechs part of a production line from a wepons production company known as The Fringe PLC they have been producing high quality combat mechs for the last 20 years and now the production of a new kind of laser technology means that upgrades can be made to cirtain classes of mech the Shinobi class is one of these a mech that makes up part of the samuri mech type the largest is the Dammio class armed with 2 twin pulse cannons 2 single fiering pulse cannons and a shouldermountedd rocket pack. http://mysite.iptic.com/blownaway/ninjafin.jpg

the secont largest is the Yarri class built to be used as the bluk of a mech force and so was named after the infantry that served the most active part in the shoguns armys of old. this is armed with a pair of blaster cannons 2 small rocket packs and assorted smaller arms.

and finally the upgraded Shinobi class re-named the ninja class due to it re armermant with the new hyper powered Kitana laser cannons mounted on its power armoured hull also equipped with a new form of rocket pack mounted above the cockpit smaller blasters mounted on the chassis its self http://mysite.iptic.com/blownaway/ninja4.jpg

cool, but…those aren’t ninj…well, get to texturing! Seems like they’ll be reeeeeal nice textured.

its ninja enuf
i spoke to ace (who set the topic) he said its fine lol :stuck_out_tongue:

WOW great mech! (a madcat, an uziel and a thor…nija? yea if you want…lol) I am a big fan of battletech to! nice job!

thanx yeh nice 1 do u go to the vwe site?? i couldent help doin the thor my fav mech i made some changed to the uziel tho to make sure that it looked like it had had the upgrade to these new laser cannon things and well u cant have battle tech without a madcat can u lol it just dont happen… :smiley: but my wildcat didnt turn out like i had hoped o well nm

The vwe site??? euhhh…no…what is that? if you mean your site…yea I go to very cool work…your planes are fantastic…just a question: Can I have a little tutorial on how you maked the flak gun explosion? I really need to know!

x-warrior sure the flak explosions where easy ill type something up the vwe virtual world entertainment site its got loads of mech pics great reference site. got forums and things hey i desighned my own mech ill post it here when its done but for now i think ill work on my WC entry… but yeh ill see about the flak tute :smiley: