(Tommy5) #1


:smiley: :slight_smile: :o

(blengine) #2

great gallery! the car pics are especially nice, did u make all them cars in that one group picture??? the last guy is very stylish, i really like him good work

(S68) #3

Sun through grass is veeeerry nice :slight_smile:


(rogerm3d) #4

nice. First one is nice. Running through field of grass to sun? could maybe use some smoothing, top of grass come to a point. Third picture, did you make all the cars yourself (as apposed to import models)? If so that is quite sweet. And the last picture uh what is it?

(Tommy5) #5

Iā€™m collecting those cars for more over a year, most of cars are free models from internet and few are my own. Iā€™m planing to put them on my site for download. But now Iā€™m studying for exames and have not much time. Blender is still a live!