WIP - Worker: almost finished (update on page 2)

This is my first post on this forum. So big HI to all of You.
I use blender since version 1.38 :slight_smile: (that’s true) but I had huge break in using it. So this WIP is my first work after 1.5 year


My idea is to do a worker man who is staring at something (I don’t know at what he is staring yet;) )
Anyway any comments are more than welcome

I think its very good…

What kind of style are you aiming for? If its cartoon style I think its perfect. But if you’re going for realisim then theres some tweaking to do, espiecally with the sides of the nose and the head shape.

Im a total n00b though so you can chose to ignore me :slight_smile:

actually my idea is to make it cartoon style.
Any my new idea is to make it kind of 1930’s style.
So the worker will be one of the builders of the scyscrapers in US for example.

I’ll see if I can do that… Wish me luck

an updated face of the worker man…
I forget to say that face is done without any reference


Good start. His cheekbones need some work tho. They shouldn’t be quite so sharp. And the hard hat should be the old style of hard hat that they wore in the 30’s. They were hemispherical with a brim all the way around. You built a new style hard hat.

Keep up the good work. And welcome back into the fold. :smiley:

The back of his head, especially where neck meets skull, is too sharply defined. It looks more like that of a starving man. Doesn’t fit the large meaty front of his face.

It certainly is exagerated, which I think looks great for the cartoon/animation feel!

an update
I tried texturing and vcoloring and I think the result is quite good.
but, I don’t know what to do with his eyes to make them look normal…

any suggerstions?


oh and btw: texture painting is great. this is how i made the helmet.

You haven’t even responded to the suggestions already given…

I think the pupil of each eye is too close to the nose. It should solve the eye problem :slight_smile:

but I read them very carefully and I’ll apply some of the sugestions posted here.

new and updated…
I updated some parts of the model (like some soggested :wink: ) and I think the head, ears and neck are more or less ok. (remember it will be cartoon style)

I want to focus now on the rest of the body because I’m getting bored when working again and again on the head.


some render test


and naked


still under construction…
and I know that hands need some more work.


another update
i have the main character ready so now its time for the rest of the scene to be modeled.
after tha rigging is my next step.


He’s really skinny. Doesn’t fit his job in my mind, but whatever you’re going for is fine. The clothes look good but seem a bit baggy.

I don’t know if you’re planning to retexture but he’s got skin on his teeth right now.

looking really good so far, he looks a little too angry in my opinion.how did you texture the shirt so it was transparent?

thanx guys for all replies. still my idea is to make it a bit cartoonish so the model won’t be perfect in terms of human proportions.
I’ll see what to repair when I come to rigging.

the face will be also “posed” to fit in the scene so hi won’t be angry :slight_smile:

the texture on shirt is a internal “magic” blend type of texture, but made half transparent. I’ll attach blend file wneh I finish this work - I promise

Looks great good job texturing 8)


the job is progrssing very well and here’s the proof.
I know that some parts still needs some love (and I circled them with red)
this step of this WIP is to show my genearl idea of compositing the scene…


things left to do are:

  • some textures
  • imporove the worker man model
  • add some more details to the scene
  • work on the pose of the worker
  • I have to think again about the colors (especially the collors of the background)

a lot of the things will be made in post process in photoshop because now I can see that blender internal renderer is not perfect…

but … the end is very near!