WIP Working Space Archviz

finally I found some time to work on a new render.
But I am not sure about this scene.

Somethings is odd, missing but I can’t point it out and would like to hear your thoughts. :smiley:
Because it’s wip the render is not clean and I need to add some decoration + I forgot to add some dof

Here is the full scene

Hello I like your render good lighting and color.

I think what looks odd for me is that in the center of the perpective lines is no focus of important objects that play a major role in the scene maybe you could try changing the camera position.

Hey, this is looking cool. I agree with antoniadamczyk, moving the camera so that one object or part of the room is the focus of the shot will help the composition. And like you said, some DOF would be great.
A few other things that stand out to me:

  • Consider lifting the value on the black objects. Things are rarely 100% black in real life, and these stand as a bit too dark.

  • Soften model edges with bevels or wear (some worn edges on the books?)

  • The computer appears to be a MacBook? As far as I know, those screens are always highly reflective. Make sure there are objects behind the camera for the screen to reflect.

  • Lighting-wise, the light coming in is warm, but the sky/exterior is cold. Consider cooling off the light or warming up the background

  • The camera is ‘exposed’ for the interior of the room, consider overexposing/glaring the exterior.

Hey thanks for your tipp, I already tried to crop the image (see the first two pictures) but I will change the camera and maybe some colors.
I always struggle with the focus point :smiley:

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Thanks for your suggestions, I am going to work on the color grading and will change the background.
The Macbook has a high specular, maybe I should decrease the roughness?

Yeah, move the camera around in the scene rather than cropping the image. Try to decide what the point of the shot is. For the MacBook, yeah, try reducing the roughness until you can see reflections that look more accurate.