wire + all edges visibility toggle script

The following script toggles wire and draw all edges for all objects in the scene with a single hotkey press, F4 by default.


In case you have some meshes with wire off, the script will ignore the rest and affect these first.


You can download the addon in the following link.

After the installation, it will automatically setup a keyboard shortcut for you to the F4 key. You can change it under the Input section.

The script functionality is rather simple but extremely useful for someone coming from 3ds max like me.

All credits and huge thanks go to Jonathan Williamson for the initial code as an answer to my specific request and my college at CDPR Oliver Lockwood for the usability modifications.


Thanks this is cool !

Awesome, thanks

yeah, keep it together :rolleyes:… the Thread: Toggle wireframe on shaded for all scene objects

Yeah, I should have link that in the original post, I will update it now, thanks.

thank you for your work, but if you Use the AMARANTH addon that comes with blender there it already exists

Oh I see, but it seems Amaranth uses two buttons, one for display edges and another for clear display. My purpose with this script was to have a toggle functionality assigned to a single hotkey that displayed wire and all edges. I find it more functional and faster to access it this way.

update. I did some small changes so now you can just download and install it like any other addon and it will create a shortcut automatically to the F4 key.

Thanks nice work works fine :), if you need more options you can use displaytools https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Extensions:2.6/Py/Scripts/3D_interaction/Display_Tools

h8i, display tools has changed somewhat now, it will be in 2.79 & has many new functions & several wire overlay tools

I use display tools on a daily basis, It just misses that little toggle functionality to be a 10/10 for me.

I know there is a toggle under Draw Type but it doesn’t quite behave the way I expect as it doesn’t sync all meshes to the same display option. It toggles everything independently of its initial state.

jpthrash, ok I’ll have a look before release, unless you would like to do?

Hey Meta,

I’m not really a coder, I just requested it and implemented the keyboard shortcut on install. It would be awesome if you could check out what the script does and embedded it in Display Tools.


Thanks a lot , jpthrash.
Congrats for thios good idea!
At soon.

I’m new to Blender. Thanks for the script. i was really bummed to see you couldn’t set views to wires for all objects by default. Now with this script, all is well.

Very cool addons and thank a bunch since for max users like me it’s an essential part of our tool set!

Kudos, this is useful and fast. I have a request; could it be possible to make it work in edit mode too? Thank you.

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Hi, would this F4 tool works with 2.8 ?

For 2.8, I just created a shortcut in the 3dview(global) with this:
then for the context use:

It will toggle the wireframe display in the viewport overlays.

And if I do that press F4 will make all mesh show their wires like this plugin ? I didn’t see in your instruction to implement F4 anywhere :-