Wire color/ID/Clown pass - alpha vegetation

Hello guys, I have a problem with a clown pass. I know it is not as greatly implemented in blender/cycles as it is in other engines yet and I am aware that there are several workarounds.

Anyway I have a problem to create a clown/ID pass that would take in consideration alpha of a foliage and vegetation in general. Clown pass that I am able to create in blender/cycles doesn’t work on leaves cutout by alpha instead it creates color of a raw mesh (that is not same shape as final alpha cut leaf).

IS there a way to get ID/clown pass that would copy exact shape of a leaf that has alpha on?

Does Cryptomatte not work for you?

What a great question. I would like to know a smart way of doing this myself :slight_smile:


EDIT: Cryptomatte is the way for me now, thanx to Lumpengnom

Meanwhile what I would do is to make a copy of my project(Save as…). Select all the objects except leaves and assign a blank material to them. For leaves material leave transparent as is and set white emission to the leaf. Oh, and you may also need to set up World material.

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I think you could just use an aov pass in the leaves material.

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I thought cryptomatte would not handle transparency in this case. But it actually do amazing work.
Haven’t tried AOV pass before, but it is also really helpful.
Thank you so much!

Thanks guys, I’ll try that up.