Wire frames

(Flawless_ko) #1

Morning all :slight_smile:

I’m trying to make a quick spider web.
I’ve not seen any tutorials so I thought i’d go it alone…
I inserted a circle mesh and extruded it about 12 times, scaling it down each time ( is there a faster way of doing this ? )

I then grabbed some of the outside vertices and moved them out using proportional editing - to create a spider web shape.

All’s good so far…

Next I come to my good ol’ friend - mr problem :frowning:

How do I create a material / texture that will show the grid frame rather
than the outline of the object?
The whole thing is treated as one single face right now - but I want to it to show the mesh as a mesh …
I’ve done this before with a grid - but I can’t find the post …

Cheers everyone :smiley:


(S68) #2

Give the mesh a material

Pres the wireframe button in that material settings


(Flawless_ko) #3

Thanks for the reply - unfortunately I’d already done that straight away, i think:



(S68) #4


strange it makes only the outline…

Actually I did as you show, and I can get the wireframe working right if I delete the faces and keep the edges… pretty funny…


(Flawless_ko) #5

That went fine - thanks

(adyus) #6

i think u must enable “All edges” in Edit buttons (bottom right, me thinks) That’s what I did and it worked like a charm. Of course, it made Blender move like 2fps in rotation mode…(complex model)

(Flawless_ko) #7

Nope - just select all in the web, then delete all faces ( faces only ).

Anyway - anyone know if there was a better way of making the web first time round than extruding continually ?



(tHe-IcemAn) #8

Use the spin function on a multi-segmented line.

(Enzoblue) #9

Didn’t take that long for me to extrude it. I just extrude, hit S, hold Cntrl and move in, increasing the increments that I moved in each time by 1.
Hit E, say yes, hit S, move in 1, click it. Repeat but move in 2 next time. Took like 2 mins to get a full web, then lattice deform. Turns out nice.


Errr, the spin function sure is nice though. I just used the default plane, deleted one vertice then lined them up straight and added more. Put the cursor in the middle, set Degr to 180, hit spin and POOF !! Happiness. And more control than the extrude cause you can make it less perfect.