Wire Trash Can

I had a bit of time between classes last week and decided to fire up Blender. After reading over the tutorial here, http://www.blenderwars.com/tut.php?module=waste and not getting it to work properly I had to venture out on my own a bit. Anyway, this is what i came up with. It’s a WIP because it’s unfinished (modeling exercises usually are), but I probably won’t mess with it any more and in that sense, it’s finished. On to other things like class…I guess. :frowning:



That is looking good. Just a couple of points. On the front of the waste basket you seem to have two diferent sized meshes but not on the back.
How do you do that?

Neat! That is looking really good. The shadow also adds a lot to the scene.

You add a texture to the trash can and have it effect the alpha value.


That is really good, really looks like wire :wink:

I started off by following the tutorial linked above. After the first spin dup however, I had to deviate. Just make a duplicate of the first spin dup object and mirror about the x-axis giving it the lattice effect. Pretty simplistic process. Other than that I added a bottom and spun a circle to get the top and bottom rings.

I’m not sure why it appears to you there are two different sizes of wire. One direction is just a duplicate of the other. It’s possibly just the angle of the camera. The wires are elliptical so this might be the reason for the appearent discrepency.

Thanks for the comments everyone.