Wireframe Node without Triangulating?

EDIT: It appears that this is a temporary limitation (thanks @Eka_Kurniawan). There’s a workaround linked below.

I’d expect the wireframe node to give me the actual edges, but it’s triangulating even simple quads. Is there another way to do this in Cycles that works with the actual edges?

It’s even more of a disaster with n-gons.

Try Freestyle with blender internal to give the edges. You can always composite it back into any cycles rendered scene

I was planning on using emission shaders for the wireframe. I can’t think of a way to do that with Freestyle.

Because they’d be emission shaders, I suppose I could do that with geometry. If I select all and do X -> Only Faces, is there a quick way to give the edges some thickness? I tried solidify, which didn’t really do anything, and skin which gives them a ton of thickness (I only understand what about half of the modifiers are for).

Here’s an famous old one

Thanks eppo. It looks like this will work :slight_smile:

I expect this behaviour to make the Wireframe node unusuable in a high percentage of cases. Technically, would it be much of a stretch to add “untriangulated mode”?

the wiki says that the wireframe node now only considers any faces as tris.