Wireheads part 1.

Modeled in Blender using MH_Winter (Make Human), then modified the mesh by deleting faces. Exported to 3DSMax for materials and rendering with Maxwell Render.

I am currently re-rendering this overnight to remove the noise. The render below was a 15 minute test render, hence the noise. I despeckled in PS7 to reduce it a bit.

Please offer comments and critisms regarding any aspect. :smiley:

Update - 7hr render to remove noise levels. Lower bump map value too.

I will do another version where the inner meshes have different materials, but still keeping the molten metal look. I’ll try to clean up the eye section too.



Wow looking good, glad to know you’re making good use of your new renderer :slight_smile:

As for C&C, its a bit hard to say because this is not the final quality render, but it feels like the geometry is getting lost due to the texture. For example, its a bit hard to make out that he has a nose or eye depresssions at all, because it falls away into the texture of the cheek. Hope you understand what i mean. It might be the angle of the lighthing that causes it, or the texture, i’m not sure.

Maybe this will disappear in the final quality.

Keep up the good work


Due to the texturing it’s hard to see the wire head effect.

Perhaps you need to be making bigger “holes” in the mesh, for example look at this work by Meats Meier:

As mentioned by d542477001, I think the texture is to “busy” which makes it even more difficult to see the head features.

Look forward to seeing this progress.


nice render sonix. looks a bit like a dali painting. what about adding some more surreal elements?

Thanks for the feedback. :smiley:

d52477001, you’re quite right. I thin kit’s due to sizing issues on the internal mesh duplicates. I’ve not had chance to clean it up yet, but will do.

This was inspired by Meats Meier’s work. Yes I do need to tweak the holes, the second version I’m doing does have more, but keeps corrupting on export from Blender for some reason. So I used this one for the material tests.

Modron, I’m following Meats Meier’s small tutorial in this month’s 3D world and will be adding more ‘sureal’ elements as I progress with the model.

This is the one I left rendering last night. The bump texture is reduced in comparison to the first render, although I thin kI prefer the first. :expressionless:


I think I’ll turn down the DOF level too.



wow, i just can’t get over how incredible that renderer is.

Could you fill us in with what your inspiration was for those of us who have not seen it?

I also prefer the first syle, it looks more melted and wirey.

dof is too heavy.
base/neck area looks too bland and stretched.

Thanks for the crit mate, I need to move the camera back and zoom in to reduce the dof. I also need to UV map the head, as I just slapped on a shrink map UVW modifier in 3DSMax.

Inspiration from this month’s 3D World cover by Meats Meier.

Not 100% the same, but I’m still having issues with exporting the other version, so I’ll have to remodel.