Wishbone Chair

Hi Guys!

I loved this chair designer from the moment I saw it, and I wanted to re created it in Blender!

Let me know what do you think about it!

Look realistic! Try it with Luxrender. I really want to see any differences between Cycles and Luxrender.:yes:

Thanks! Don’t know how to use LR. Just blender and cycles exclusive user

Hello very photo realistic, the model is nicely made too. Could you share your lighting setup, please?

Awesome model and materials! I love the ‘hairy’ rope used for the seat. Did you use particles for the fluff?

Thanks Ludovic!

I used 3 area lights with different strenghts. But instead of placing those in a regular 3 point setup, I placed those one beside the other, creating highlights and black areas on the same model.
Glad you like it.


Awesome! I love it.

Great work! Love the model, lights, and that fluffiness!

Thanks for your kind words! nice work you have! I’m following you in Arstation already. :wink: