witch's pet -[update Oct 5,pg 5 -]

got inspired by this thread by bgDM, and I thought I’d do the demonpet from the same sketch:

3.5 hours of work, don’t know if I’m gonna finish it or not, so here it is in all its wip-ness.

goto end of thread for latest update

great jo however you might want to get rid of the seem that flows in front of him.

thatll probably be done once the mesh is completed.

mmm… really cool… need some more “smoothing”… oh and the need a scrotum.

Very cool. Keep on going and we can combine them later in a nice scene.


BgDM: awesome! that would be great. I’m going to try and keep on working on it like this- 1-3 hr intensive sessions. I’ll finsih the hands and feet first, than try to work up the detail level to match your witch. If we get around to textures, we should prob. coordinate them so they’ll fit nicely in a scene together.
yeshuawatso: as Fonix Wircs suspects, the seam is there 'cuz I’m still (mirror) modelling- it’ll be gone in the final model.
@ner: I probably could’ve bumped up the subsurf before rendering, but I chose not to- because he’s pretty early stages still, this level is more representative of the final look- over subsurfed low poly tends to ‘melt’ to many details. I’m really hoping edge creasing makes it into cvs soon. As to a scrotum- he’ll have to get one, cuz it is in the reference sketch.


Always thinking of the important parts huh, @ner :stuck_out_tongue:

hey folks. not so productive tonight , but here’s a small green update anyway:
hands, fingers and feet seperated and some more detail work on them.

That’s pretty darn good. I can imagine that little devil crawling around in search for a victim… nice…


Looking good man. Keep up the good work.


well, 8 hours of work total into the model. Since the last update I’ve fixed a few edge loops (and ruined many more :wink: ) and I’ve tweaked proportions to match better the reference- in ‘feel’ if not exactly, and added a few details.
To do : more proportion tweaking (length of torso, arms and legs, size of feet and hands) many many more details, joining of seperate parts.

PS: @ner: I’ve added the needed scrotum- area is too dark at the mo to really see it. I’ll start doing higher quality renders soon.

Huh. Neat. I look foward to further advancements.

'kay, joined the foot and began detailing foot and lower leg:


The toenails and muscle definitions are awesome. Can’t wait for an update.

I like the improvements. Keep it up. I look foward to the higher quality renders.

well, been a while, but I just got back to this. decided I didn’t like the head mesh and redid it ( one of those random, stupid decisions one takes when not on a deadline)- ok, edited to fit the head better to the body, plus feet scaled a bit:


I cant decide if I like the new face better than the old or not. Do you have plans do create the inner mouth at all so he can open his mouth and have facial expressions, all that?

This is overall a fantastic model IMO, the new texture is very fitting, and those feet! awesome feet, awesome awesome awesome.

Any plans to animate? That would be an interesting character to try and capture the feeling of.

Keep it up, its inspiring.

Very nice.

I like the model overall, but there is just something about the middle toe that bugs me. Its strange with that kind of weird line at the joint.

Thanks cvdG :smiley: I’ll keep on plugging. I’m in the progress of ‘fitting’ the new head to the body- It should look in the end similar to the old head/reference, just with better topology, and hopefully, soon, with mucho more detail.
MusicMan: Tell me which toe is bugging you- Middle toe could be one of 3 toes :slight_smile: , so I’m not sure, maybe if you tell me I can fix it.
Texture is just a procedural, but I’m tweaking the look till I find something I like. my plan is to uv unwrap and rig him, and do some nice texture work.
As for animation, he definetly needs to be posed so he can fit with BgDm’s model, and maybe I will do a short anim, we will see…
This is mainly a quick play to get some modelling ‘chops’ back in, since I haven’t been modelling and need to do quite a bit of it very soon for a project (but I’m waiting for 2.34 final to resume that)

Ok, I edited the head to fit the body better, see the image above, link to old one for comparison.