With make runtime, python modules doen't work

I think it is no big problem but, it is really important for me, to do that quickly because I need to have application finished to Friday. I will be really thankful when someone helps me.

My problem is:

I have application made in Blender, which is using python modules in bge. I have Always actuators linked on controllers of python modules. In that controlers I writed modulename.main for calling function main() in module “modulename”. In modules I have functionality of the program.

In blender, when I press “P” all works great.
But when I export application as Runtime. And I copy files like Textures to folder where I save it. It is runeable and scene shows good, but functionality of that game, doesn’t work.

I assume, runtime can’t find my python modules.

But I was trying many many things, and I don’t know, how to fix that.

I saved my python modules in files with .py extension and copy they in folder with runtime. That doesn’t help. I copy they to folder with python libraries, and all over runtime tree, but nothing of that doesn’t help.

Second I try to “Pack all in .blend file” in File-External (or something like that). With that I doesn’t have to copy Texture files into Runtime folder when I save application as Runtime, but python modules still doesn’t work.

Highest problem is, I don’t know how to debug that. Blender doesn’t shows me any errors, and Runtime application doesn’t shows me errors too.

I am using Blender 2.73a, and I was trying tu save application as runtime with that version, but when that doesn’t work, I try use 2.72 and 2.74 versions. I was trying all that things on Ubuntu 14.10 and Windows 8. Nothing of that helps me.

I read
Packaging external libraries in the game engine ‘Create Runtime’
but that doesn’t help me.

The blenderplayer renders Python errors to the console. It should at least show the start and end of the game session.

Edit: Python files can reside as text block or inside the .blend folder.

yes, this helps me, thank you very much