wizard_curve2tree.py error

hi all,

i downloaded this script and tried to use it…

BUT: first error i get is that “cannot import name ClosestPointOnLine” from the Blender.Geometry…

when i uncomment this line, the script menu works. but, when i tried to use it (i followed the process from the peach project site), i get this bunch of error lines (attachement).

is there any way to fix this? i’m using blender 2.45 on win xp, and i have also the python 2.5.1 installed.

thank you.


You need to use with a recent version of Blender (svn build)


how to get that? :slight_smile: i already downloaded the Subversion client, but couldn’t use it…

can you give any short tutorial? :slight_smile:


Best get a build from http://www.graphicall.org/builds/index.php

thx :slight_smile:

i’ll give it a try…

and merry christmas :stuck_out_tongue: :slight_smile:

If you figure out how to make it work plz tell us, I tried it and so far all I get is a tube through a tube.

hm, i copied the settings from peach blog site, and got this:

link to the image

but i’ll keep trying :smiley: