Wizard of light

At the beginning, I had a different plan for this model. I wanted to finish off with realistic shaders, but in the end I opted for this abstract look.

It looks pretty flat so I put a render workbench underneath to prove it is not a drawing


Very nicely and imaginatively done. I’m glad you followed your instincts on this one … The model-clay looks pretty ordinary but the final image most-decidedly does not.

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This looks awesome! I really like how minimalistic it is, yet how elegant it is.

The grainy texture adds a lot of depth!

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It’s nice that you like it, but you need to know one thing that will change your perception of this picture. This grain texture that you like is not any special effect, it is … noise. Yes, this is what everyone hates and wants to get rid of by denoising.

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I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!