Hi fellow blender heads

this is actually a concept art for the blendpolis.org w.007 contest…, unfortunetly I could’t finish it… why…?, well cause I am out of time… :smiley: but I decided to finish it for myself… and now I post it here in the WIP forum… to show you what I already have…

PS. sorry for my bad english…

scanline render - nothing is joined remember its still a WIP… :smiley:

more pics
wire - wizzard:
wire - dragon:

That is friggin awesome stuff!

I love the toonish design and the realism aspects all rolled into one.

Great work.



Wow, you just made me realize that I need to learn how to do CLOTHES! :wink: lol. That rocks, though. Good style on the modelling.

funny and solid modelling. Finish it for sure!

The wizard is awesome, especially his cape. But what are your plans for the dragon? The neck and tail look mechanical (to me anyway). Was that intended ?

Looks good so far, the cloth is nice and I like the idea of a mechanical dragon.

Nice idea and picture.
I think if you make a chair for the wizzard then the picture will be cooler.