[WNG 4] Speed Farrow

Made in UPBGE 0.1.8

Don’t make fun of me for participating in my own competition but I didn’t want there to be only one submission to it so here is my game.

I spent 3.5 hours making this game.

It’s called Speed Farrow, cause the theme was fast and fast+arrow = farrow.

Download link is at the bottom.

Here’s some pics:


Speed Farrow.blend (5.51 MB)


Fun game! I think I have the highscore for now :slight_smile:

The scoring is very balanced and there is nice incentive to go for the gems. Just the right amount of obstacles too, although sometimes they can be too clustered.

Thanks for your opinion :p. Maybe only in a longer competition I would be able to sort out all the issues in the game but for now it’l have to do.

Darn. :smiley: you beat me at my own game.

I just beat your score :evilgrin:

What is WNG?

Weekly Nano Game

Good game! The online score is clever

Just giving feedback based on the DEMO VIDEO.

[ PROS ]
[1] Nice STYLIZED looking game. :+1:

[ CONS ]
[1] Game-play looks a little repetitive. :wink:
[2] Pickups don’t end when PLAYER collides with them. :frowning_face: