Woh....so this is where the community went...

hey everyone…this is ineedanewbike
have read from any of u in long time

…even so…ive worked on my blender games
so here they are…
this is my website with links to most of my games

this is the site for my halloween project…u can drive a motor boat now

and this is the site where i keep most of my valuable downloads including my f1 car game and a rip off spyhunter

hi ineed,
yea, the realtime forum is in shambles…most are gone or forgotten, noones making any demos anymore it seems. There as been a lot of anti-realtime feeling around, most infact accredit it to NaNs downfall.

I will always love the good ol’ engine, but after blender.nls closure, most like me are lost.

make sure you stick around though.

well…i dont know much about the rest of the community…
but i will still make games with blender…

…ive already worked so hard and learned so much, im not going to throw it away just because the blender program may never be improved again

…i know that i WILL finish my halloween game eventually…maybe not by this comming halloween, but it will be finished…ive spent more hours on that project than any other project…

…unforturenatly…if blender doesnt come up with any new improvemnts…this will be my last mega-project

scroll up to see my projects website if u havent already
there are SCREENSHOTS !!!