Pecent done with game: 75%

Characters so far:

Coming characters:

Todo list:
Level selector - 100%
Level - 90%
Wolf - 100%
Buck - 100%

Animal Danger(www.animaldanger.ucoz.com) is the company diexon’s(www.diexon.ucoz.com) latest project. Anybody that knows Blender or python can join that website and help make the game. More information is at the website.:smiley:


Could anyone help me make this game. It doesn’t matter what your age/experience is. I will need as much help as possible. Please could someone help me? It will be a 3D game with dangers such as wolves and bears, lava and rivers. Animal Danger isn’t the actual name. We are goin to change it to something else. Anyway, it’s 3D. You run around and try to finish levels. There are also secret passageways in the levels. I have made a lot of progress so far! :yes:

Here are some .blends. Please don’t use these for your own use!


6_rabbit.blend (898 KB)wolf.blend (293 KB)lion.blend (538 KB)

if you don’t want people to use for there own dont post the .blends

I posted the blends so people could see what we are doing. Could you help me make my game?

How’s the gameplay? Did you make a complete or playable game? What have you gotten done? Where’s the screenshots.

Sorry but nobody will join if this is how you’re approaching finding a team…

Yes, I was getting to screenshots. They don’t have textures here, but when you load the BGE, you see the textures. A few of these objects have textures though. This game isn’t comeplete yet. I have been working on it though.


Sure ill try with whatever i can! just pm with whatever you need ok?

Here are some more pictures


I need help making poses for the animals. Does anybody know how to do this?

The game is 3D, of course. You run around and try to finish levels, while staying away from dangers. You can jump, super jump, run, walk, and glide for some characters.

judging by the rounded edges, I’d say that my computer would run the beehive at…oh… say 30 FPS out of the highest of 60?

WO! I just downloaded one of those models to try and rig it my frame rate went down from 60 to 37 frames DANG!

Okay…That was kinda random. LOL

What type of computer do you have?

A dell i can’t help with frames that low sorry that would kill me! If all of the terrain is like that it would murder my laptop!!!

It runs nice on my computer, I have Vista

It also runs well on my xp

I t doesn’t for me i get 37 fps! I’m sorry but i cant help i’m sorry plz forgive me!

How do you find the fps?

game show frame rate