So, I started to work on this wolf few days ago… As you can see I have done a bit to the head already but there is still much to do.

Any tips and critics are welcome. :slight_smile:



Lookin good :slight_smile: , the ears are too small though, the fangs as well.

An update. I have made more to the body including the frontlegs. I made the ears and fangs a bit larger like Jassar said i should.



Looking good so far, the nose is really well done, along with the entire jaw.

Just have 2 crit’s though.

  1. The eyes seem to be positioned like a horses might be, if not slightly. A wolfs eyes look dead on, I suggest you check out some pics on Google. The eyes themselves are good, although I do think that they should have a yellow/greenish tinge to them.

  2. My second Crit is based on the wolfs neck and body so far, a wolf usually is very thin and stark, more of like a fox. So I suggest you tighten the neck, and make the body thin, he will have fur to increase his body weight as well.

And I know, I write whole pages about one subject sometimes… but yeah good start so far, he is very clean and “not to busy.”

Looking good so far, in addition to the previous comments, I think the ears need to be more “hollow”.

I look forward to seeing updates!

Thanks for the comments… So… another update… I have added a bit more to the body. Also made it more skinnier around the neck area and added more details in the feet and the muscles. Then I edited the iris texture, in the eye, with Gimp so they are yellow, and the pupils are smaller.



and here are the feet


looking very good…keep going :slight_smile:

The feet look a little too thin and long. Wolves feet are identical to a dog’s feet. They come to an almost ball shape at the paw making it more rounded. Just try and make it a little thicker and rounder. Looking great so far!

Yup. Wolves feet are really wide because they need to walk in the snow, and it’s a lot easier to walk on top of the snow than plow through it. Also, I think that the teeth still seem to small. Superb modeling, all the same.

wow looks great so far. i remember someone else made a wolf and it looked REALLY good. i hope yours is as good or better =)

Thanks everyone for the comments and advices. They have helped a lot :)… I have now done the feet almost ready, still something though. And I made them also a bit wider.

Well its 2:30 here at night so ill go to the bed now…
ill post some new pics tomorrow.

So heres a new update… I made the legs kinda ready and now the basic mesh is finished. So now is a good time for the critics and suggestions. After this I’ll start to build up the fur.




you should make his snout a bit longer… kinda help with the wolf feeling.


Not a modeling crit, but w/e. I think his jaw oughta be open larger is he’s barking ferociously. I didn’t know if he was a mean wolf a nice wolf or a… Explosive wolf or something (ran out of ideas), but if he’s mean, i’d consider opening his jaw some more. Great model.

Digihero good on you. You picked a very challenging project, I admire you for that. Dogs and Wolves may look easy, but actually they’re quite complex animals to model. I think you’ll learn a lot from this project.

They say Wolves and Dogs a basically the same species, so why don’t grab the nearest Dog and for the price of an un-cooked bone, he’ll glady pose for you.:slight_smile:

Lol, ManDingo. Looking great! Can’t wait to see this with our new and improved particle hair.

Thanks everyone… Well in the reference side-view image I used for this, the wolf was howling. So the jaw is not so open because of that. Im not so sure should I leave it like that or just open it a bit and make it look a bit angrier.

I have myself a kinda smallish dog what I have used a little for this. Only she doesnt mind
for bones. Rather cheese. :slight_smile: