hello. this is my first attempt in making a quadruped ready for animation. i’m at the beginning of rigging now.

Wow, looks great!
It would look great in a game.

NIce texturing; I can finally appreciate the difficulty of texturing,as I started it myself not too long ago… And the model looks pretty awesome too. Haven’t you rigged the tail?

That is so awesome - your texturing is incredible.

In fact the texturing needs quite some work to hide the obvious paint strokes and unnatural look of the pattern but that’s not the point here. Is this rig for a game or CG? Since currently it looks like a game rig. I would advise packing a couple of IK bones into the rig. Especially the legs are going to give you headaches without a proper IK solver setup. For a wolf though you can get away with one IK solver for each feet. If it’s more complex two might be an option. For the head I would use a track to constraint. It helps greatly to animate a character with a short neck in a lifelike way. That said it depends on the granularity required. The head bone by the way I would point from the atlas ( the bone the head is attached to ) to the snout. This makes it possible to use a track to constraint. Otherwise a good start. The mesh itself is good although I think the feet are a tad bit small but maybe that’s just me.

EDIT: With tad bit small I meant the height of the feet.

wow this is a great rig. Can we get a .blend file download please? I need a wolf for a blender project and I’ll credit you

That’s so awesome.
Don’t forget to rig the mouth and tail!