Howdy Yall,
I have been studying blender for almost a year now, and have enjoyed it very much. I thought it was time to flex my blender mussel and see just how good (realistic) a wolf, I could come up with. So to start with, I begin with the almighty cube, subdivided a couple times.

comments and critiques are very welcome.

With a little bit of extruding and adding loops, and then moving them around I have come up with this.

Now I added a multires. modifier and started some clean up and detail work.

looking good :slight_smile: ill track this thread!

Well, I have been pulled away from my project for the last couple of days. And Im at a crossroads with it. Do I detail a lot more or do I work on textures and bump maps to finish the detail. I’m leaning towards more detail and using particles for fur. In the end I want to make some close up stills. Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome.
Here is the detail so far. I want to do a lot more detail on the face and eyes.

next time, I would start with slightly more faces in the face, ear and detail regions, but it looks very clean, just do a few extrude individual face, on where you need detail and then either scale on a plane with the face in one direction, x,y,z, etc to snap the face into to equal parts, another way is to click smooth face after you click extrude individual, this makes ring type patterns, and is good for faces and eyes base shapes,

thanks for the suggestion blueprintrandom. It never dawned on me to do that. Im in the process of doing that now. I tried doing that from where I was, but I end up with all kinds of weird stuff going on. So I have removed my multires. mod. and back to the base mesh now and starting over. I like it a lot better.

here is what the base mesh looks like after doing that


My wolf wip seems to be going real slow. I keep get drawn away from it. But here is a bit more detail in the face.

I gave my wolf a simple rig so I could pose him a bit. I’m working on texturing now. Not my strongest suite, so I’m having to do a lot of trial and error.

Looks good :), but I would make the eye lids touch the eye, the eye is the most important in making a face realistic, if the eye is real, then we can connect to it, at least that is how human faces work. keep up the good work.

Thanks for the advise, I really do like this kind of input. I agree the eyes are the most important part. And I have been working on them. Here is what I have so far. Still needs work, but I like it so far.

I hope everyone had a good holiday season. Now that it is over I can get back to my projects. I have worked on my wolf a bit, trying to get the fur down the way I want it. Im having a bit of trouble. Using just trial and error its taking a long time. If anyone has any advice I could sure use some. Im trying to come up with a realistic fur. Here is what I have so far.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I’ve seen the thread on blendswap. Nice work until now.

I’d suggest you take a look at cycles with its new fur renderer capabilites (will need a build newer than 2.65 from builder.blender.org).
Blender Internal renderer can’t really have the hairs cast shadows, which is why it’s very difficult to make realistic fur without super long render times (in a recent job, a teddy bear in a simple scene took 40 minutes to render in BI per frame, as optimized as I could get it)

Thanks for the input. I have for sure been having problems with the fur. I just got hair/fur/and grass to work in cycles. It may take me a few days to get it the way I want it. I will post my results in a few days.

Getting a little closer. Since we have fur now in cycles, it helps a lot. Im pretty happy with the fur. Still needs a lot of tweaking in the composting area. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I do have him rigged, so I can pose him arround.