Woman - Canceled Blendinglife entry

Oh boy i am getting into trouble now.

Lets start simple. Here is the picture i was working on for the competition. As you can see its quite crude as i have worked on it only few days, and now decided to Quit. Reasons follow ->


And here is a story to go by this whole thing and reason for cancelation, and for the hopes of … well lets talk about that some other time.

I have been lately watching and reading a lot about world economics and stuff that SHOULD matter. And in the recent stuff i have watched (notably Zeitgeist Addendum from http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com and http://www.chrismartenson.com/crash-course ) I have come to realize how wasted time this whole thing is (not the competition, but generally many things). So i decided to give up and use my time on some more meaningful way. I just cant bear this horrible feeling inside me and spent time on this. Yes this is statement of sorts, for you people to waken up from the bliss of ignorance to harsh reality. And yes i know i myself could do a lot more, but i will do as much i can let go in the limits of keeping myself sane. yadda yadda ya… Oh and please dont flame here, thats not my intention, do it on some other place where its appropriate. Here i am just presenting an image and … uh… some story about its birth. Thats all.

ps. I hope there is no problem with the board rules when it comes to this sort of stuff.

Actually read this three times before actually deciding to answer to this.

[…]Oh and please dont flame here, thats not my intention,[…]

Then why did you even post this sentence.
Do as you wish and by all means I wish you luck on your journy to yourself. But while you do it please let me be ignorant…

All i can say - >

I just hope alcohol can solve your problems.

“Nicht trinken löst auch keine Probleme!” :wink:
(not drinking doesn’t solve any problems either)

How do you plan to spend your previously art related hours in ways that will help the global economy? I hope this won’t sound sarcastic because I really am curious.

It’s a good thing I am not drunk right now.

I understand where you are coming from, Eradicor, and I respect your reasons.

I do have some opinions, which I would like to share with you:

I think you could actually have it both ways - to create while participating in life no matter what the cause.

For example, you might allow your art to reflect more of what is important to you, what you might like to say or show to others, and let that sort of stuff be a major guiding force rather than any specific competition or event or situation in the world.

I myself have been working within the library world to provide access to key information that has the potential of helping people make sense of things at this moment of global economic complications (work which was recently highlighted at ResourceShelf.com).

Still, creativity is, in my mind, something that remains very important. It’s part of what keeps me going as a human being, something I find I need to do, to exercise that creative energy in expressive and meaningful-to-me ways.

Comparable feelings you describe are shared by many people throughout the world at this moment.

Fear and dread has lead to more fear and dread, and that has attained a life of its own in the markets at the moment.

And everyone has witnessed the effects of that.

There are some such feelings for very good reason, and others simply for the sake of being afraid or dismayed or whatever; wherever there are more feelings of the latter, everyone stands to suffer because those feelings have no sense of direction or purpose, no finite or constructive end: they simply feed upon themselves and their hosts.

So, the thing is, there is the option of giving into those feelings, retracting from life in various ways and extents, and letting those feelings cast shadows over every thought and action until there is the paralyzing sense nearly nothing can be done and nearly everything is in vain - and yet there is the option of channeling concern / nervous energy / whatever-to-call-it for more positive and constructive purposes.

At Blender Artists, we can try to do that artistically, if we wish.

In this instance, I’m thinking of the kind of energy that lead to Picasso’s Guernica, Munch’s The Scream, many of Dali’s surrealistic meditations, among other art either classical or contemporary.

Blues players know the road well, too, and know whatever does not destroy you makes you stronger.

Images / art inspired by those ranges of feelings do not necessarily even have to bear any “messages” or even portray the subject/feelings directly, but those images can be vehicles and offer a means of working out thoughts and feelings and even help people (the artist and/or the viewers) reach new personal understanding or healing or deeper inquiry on some level.

This is why much of my art is what I would call contemplative and philosophical, because much of it is the product of thinking about things and then me thinking, by posting my works, that others might want to experience some of those thoughts as well or come to their own interpretations and self-discoveries.

Images can indeed be very powerful, life-saving even, or a chronicle of moments that should never come to pass, things that never should have been, or something more hopeful or exploratory. And not just digital images, but also photographs, paintings, and so on.

The same ultimately goes for all art media: they have powers and relevancies of their own in uncertain times, and not merely for escapist means.

I think one of the worst things people anywhere can do is give into a situation, however dismal things might seem, and let the situation take command and diminish one’s creative spirit and potential.

Art (or more generally the act of image-making) is and will always be important in some way, even the less serious pieces - we all need a good laugh, too, and not be too solemn even if things aren’t so great at the moment. Charlie Chaplin, among others, understood this.

Let us remember, people definitely can do more than one thing at a time: We can be concerned, actively involved in life, help ourselves, inspire awareness in others, and still find time and reason to create.

I would say artistic creativity matters very much so, possibly more than ever these days.

We can and should be aware, assist others wherever possible, and we can and should remain aware while still doing things we enjoy, as long as they are reasonable, right, and not getting in the way of critical responsibilities and are not part of the problems.

We must remain strong, stronger than ever, in mind and spirit, not just physically, if humanity is to survive its own follies and fears.

This is not a time to stop living or doing enjoyable things, as I see it, but rather a time more people than ever should use their heightened emotions and awareness more constructively and creatively, to be more alive in a sense.

When all else fails, zoom back out, beyond Earth, and meditate for a moment on the cosmic proportions of life, Earth’s incredibly humble place in the galaxy, let alone the background of the cosmos.

In the cosmic scheme of things, some of the absolute worst passages of Earth history failed to cause the slightest ripple in the galactic pond of the Milky Way.

Life, the universe, everything marches on, with or without us, ready or not.

There will never be a shortage of larger considerations to entertain, possibly even other dimensions and universes…

Anyway, as I said, just some thoughts :slight_smile:

I do hope you get back to creating soon.

You have such great potential, and your artistry is certainly not insignificant; it deserves continuance.

Take care and be well,


…the creation of our own art for the good of all ( and humor of the cosmos) is one of mans greatest gifts and most direct tool in our (all) fulfillment…peace…

we’re all gonna die, dude. It’s what you make of it while you got it. If you give up, and give in, then you become a drone, and they have won, and world has lost. Don’t let the world lose, dude. Stay involved, stay tuned, work toward your passion, and bring meaning to your life.

Zeitgeist is a very stupid and demagogue film for people who never thinking about the truth and the world and of all.
You must see better films or read books if you want think deeper than that stupid demagogue film…

For example:
Brave New World, novel by Aldous Huxley
Lord of the Flies, novel and the film
A Maze of Death, novel by Ph. K. Dick
Brazil, film by Terry Gilliam

This is not a flame, but a response to how I feel about your post.

This art crap (drawing, 3D, books and music) is all an important part of what makes up the skin suit I occupy. You can give it up if you want, but I will not. What the hell is the point of giving up what I enjoy doing just because there is a lot wrong happening in the world? I can understand if I spent every moment that I am not working for someone else, working on my personal crap. Life is about balance. There is more to my development as an artist other than the crap I produce. When I get to the point where I can finally convey the why behind my work, then I will be satisfied (more so than if it looks as good as other artists work).

Here is my advice from someone who gave up all his free time and hobbies to try do good things for every one else: Don’t give up the things that give you peace and give you an outlet for any reason. There is no reason in the world that you should give up an important part of yourself to fear, other people or anything. It will just make you less of a person, until your mind finally breaks and you have lost who you are. I think I was almost there, I was losing what it was that made me feel good about myself. Sure I was doing good things (working 3 jobs, tutoring college students and helping people develop skills for specialized jobs), but those things were just actions and I needed to explain why I did those actions. The why to me, is more important than the what. So yeah, on the outside it looks like there are more important things, but nothing is more important than knowing who you are, what you want and why you want those things. If you can’t get a grasp on why you want things, then you need to think about it using other peoples opinions only as a advice, not as absolute truth no matter how smart they may seem.

Art is very important for humanity because it reminds us of human things (both good and bad). It records our feelings and thoughts for the future much more efficiently than a history book. History books are for facts, as art is for emotions. The past is important as a learning tool for us to learn what to do and what not to do. We as humans have only been improving on ideas and occasionally an accident that turned out better than expected. The future is also important because we need to think about what our actions will do. So the here and now is very important only that here and now is where we take what happened as a guide make the choices that effect the future.

Off Topic:
Zeitgeist does have some well thought out ideas and is presented in a very emotional way, but it is in no way the absolute truth. You can never get even close to the absolute truth from one or even two points of view. An better way to fix everything in the world is to get a handle on yourself so that you can then help other people by giving them a more stable perspective so that they can get a better point of view on the absolute truth. This is why humans need tolerance of other peoples ideas because every view point helps us come closer to reality.
I think the best way for us to be good is not to do (or not do) things because we will be punished by some god, but instead do good things because they are good things to do. If there is a god, do you think he wants a person with child like morals or a person with more mature morals? I think no matter what you believe, you should believe that fear is not the reason to do anything.

Well that is the end of my crazy rant.

The difference between humans and animals is a spirit that transcends ‘reality’.

LOL, I can understand you quitting for something that matters more, but economics haha, what a joke. Few things in life actually matter, and the only true one is happiness. Money doesn’t bring it, materials don’t, maybe food does as it is a requirement to live. Enjoy playing monopoly. you say it SHOULD matter, but it doesn’t. @averil interesting thought, but I have always considered humans as animals.

My two cents: When I have a difficult problem or situation that doesn’t have a straight-forward solution, I know from experience (I am age 64) that my mind works on the solution in the background, so to speak, if I proceed with some occupation unrelated to the problem, preferably, something creative. Thus, for me, creating artwork is almost ideal for facilitating this “solution processing”.

BTW, I think you are doing yourself (and maybe others) a favor by talking about this topic; we are all shaken by this economic situation.

[quote=I think you are doing yourself (and maybe others) a favor by talking about this topic; we are all shaken by this economic situation.[/quote]
I agree with you. Its better to talk about things like this to hear others opinions in our economy situation. I just hope this mess can be fixed and if not, looks like prophecys that been told in the past will come to a reality…:frowning:

Really nice work, no further comment…

I find it curious that so many people slam the Zeitgeist, Zeitgeist actually cave me starting spark when it was released, after that i spent a lot of time with reading more about whats really going on. Someone actually had a laugh at the economy. I am not after money, no… I am most worried about the collapse and loss of everything we have been building for last many thousand years, Yes there is not much there, but we do not need any more setbacks like dark ages… There is so much human potential wasted by the current system.

Oh and no. I am not giving up the image making, i am just going to switch the targets i am making it to. Though i lack the skill (atleast for now) to produce images that do create emotions. Atleast any that matter.

also. on thing that i find quite intresting is that people who have seen Zeitgeist (part 1), and have decided that its concpiracy stuff all around. Well if you feel that way. Check out the crash course. It doesnt really haev any bit of political bias, religious stuff… or anything. Just pure way of things are controlled by overall human emotions.

Hello Eradicator. I have seen Zeitgeist, and I also watch many films about what some may call conspiracy theories (and many are), read many essays and alternative theories and news stories. I started doing this when I realized that the information we are being presented with on a daily basis through media, education systems, court cases ect are often, if not most of the time, presented to us in order to manipulate or shape our opinion to suit the agendas of powerful individuals or entities.

However, be carefull not to get carried away. Once you realise the world isn’t as you thought it was, you are in danger, in your desperate search for answers, to believe whatever alternative argument is presented to you. I have now realized that there are so many theories about the history of the world, the current state of affairs and those in power, anything from ‘we are actually aliens’ to ‘the descendants of the illuminai are trying to decrease the world population by inducing financial crisis, spreading desease through food, and by arranging wars’. Many theories are plausible, and some may be true but, who knows?

What we know is that many bad things happen in the world and I believe that everyone must do something to make a difference. Wether it’s working for charity, politics, unbiased news or simply bringing happyness to those around us by positive ourselves and helping out or creating art.

Also remember that it is our own responsibility to create our happiness. All psychologists believe that we have the autonomy to do so. And most agree that the following factors come into play, noted here in the words of Viktor Frankl: Personal meaning may be saught in 4 ways: Fortitude in the face of adversity, love, experience of beauty, and most importantly, CREATIVE ACTION.

edit: btw, you might find this interesting:
Just so you know the video does not represent my personal opinion. It is just one of thos interesting alternative things I come actoss sometimes and enjoy watching.

I dont know what to say… Its a movie. Dont let conspiracies run ur life. Even if the world is truly falling down around us (like it always seems to be), i wouldn’t stop doing the things i love.

Otherwise ‘they’ win.

Like i said, its just a movie. Theres just as much to back it up as there is to show how much rubbish it is. If we believed everything these random (crazy) people said then life wouldnt be worth living. :no: