Woman head

Edit :


I decided to try sculpting by making a woman head, i think i should try to go on and texture et render the whole.

Started by the sculpting (hard for me, lot of hours and tutorials watching) :

Then Retopo :


And finally, i am detailling the retopo with multires…


Next step will be the UV unwrapping, baking of displacement and normal and texturing the skin…


Hi, Here is a first clay render. IU applied a displcement texture and struggle with the normal one (Made some weird stuff, I’d forgot to apply the subsurf before baking !!!).

Now will come the texture part of the skin, I 'll try to make it from scratch… Not really sure of this…

Starting to texturing the mouth, so hard !

Basic shader (no SSS) to see the evoluton on the model…

Working on the texture and skin shader… not terrible, it seems as if i lost the details (normals) of the skin…

After some work, here is a result with some adjustement with gimp (for eyes, i didn’t succed to have a good shader with highlights…).