Woman Portrait

Hi all ~~here are my latest personal work , and I’ll post WIP here , and this time I’ll make a likeness portrait practice , cheers


Very nice model! I especially like the ears.
The eyes look a bit like those colored contact lenses due to high saturation but it’s ok if that’s what you’re going for.
Also, the skin looks a bit to rough for a woman but I’m sure it’s gonna be great when you finish.
Keep it up!

Thank your reply Enenra .Update some model and added eyebrow , will still work on model ~~


update some detail and try to make some hair test in PS

Looks like Eva Green.

Steve S

latest WIP here,still work on model ~
thank for your reply Steve~ you are correct ~~I wish to make a Eva green likeness model .


new update~add some hair to test shader … but has lots of highlight spot …need to test .


update Hairless hotspot nowstill WIP


Amazing skin shading and render!

If you want any criteria/feedback:

  • If eyes would be a bit more reflective/specular would really sell the realism
  • Females usually have a bit pointier jaw
  • maybe relax cheeks a bit (it’s real what you have, but too defined beauty wise i think).
  • Brow definition could use some work (bit scattered and too straight?)

PS. People all have distinct facial features however it is very risky to pronounce them in CG(especially for females) as you may easily end up in uncanny valley. So my criteria may be highly subjective but just advising to keep it in the safe/generic zone :slight_smile:

Overall i think you’re doing excellent and looks like you’ll have a very photoreal result. Can’t wait to see more!

Edit: Visual example of proposed changes (few minutes in PS, bit sloppy):


Only things I see that need fixing is the brows, hair, earlobe, and maybe the lips a little. Otherwise, this looks great. I disagree with cgstrive on the eyes, jaw and cheekbones. I think they look fine. If you were going for average human female, then maybe I would agree, but this seems more like an actor than a average person. I don’t think she would be very interesting unless you keep her defined features. As for the eyes, there isn’t really anything to reflect in them at the moment, so idk how we can really judge the reflectiveness of it. For the earlobes, I think they could be a shorter, and it would fix it.

For the lips, I can’t really place it, but something about it doesn’t look right. It’s super minor, and no one will notice, but that’s my thoughts. I agree with cgstrive about the eyebrows though. One thing I would add is maybe some wrinkles on the forehead. They probably should be pretty light, but I think it would look good.

Main things right now are hair and brows and earlobe. After that, I would do wrinkles and skins imperfections.

btw, here is someone I know that looks pretty similar to her. might wanna take some tips from her:

her lips look strange in this picture, but I think you can see the similarities.

here is a comparison:

awh, so real… great work, strange as there isn’t much people posting on this thread of very good stuff

Great work here. I agree with cgstrive’s suggestions. I also think the textures could use some tweaking.