Woman's Body

Please express your opinions. Any advice or suggestion will be extremely appreciated. Thank you in advance.

imo, the draping of the cloth could be improved, and it appears her nipples are missing. also, I think adding arms, maybe one hand draped across her belly would add interest.

Thank you Mordon. I followed your instructions. Here’s the new render!

cool and the shading appears to be better too

it is actually sexier without showing nipples, sometimes in erotic shoots it is better to imply things and let the mind of the observer do the rest. The first image nailed the pose pretty good, and the second image has a lovely cloth texture, I really liked it.

The nipple is too glossy anyway, but I would leave it out of the frame.

You could also tweak a little bit the lamps to get a better illumination but at the moment it is looking pretty good. Take your time looking after erotic images in BW, deviantart is a good source for example.

Good luck and happy blending :slight_smile:

Thank you Alvarocgi. In fact I didn’t want to show the nipples so I didn’t model it at first, but a large part of her breast was present in the image, which gave the impression that she has no nipples. Thank you for your suggestions, but I’m not totally interested in erotic images. This was a brief test and a great experience.